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Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Plenty Of Excuses Available From 'Job Creators'

Gov. Scott Walker couldn't be more bold-faced about his own incompetence with job creation than in this recent statement published about his meetings with the state's so-called 'job creators.'

Titled: Walker asks job creators for input.

The Daily Reporter Excerpt:
Walker promised that in his first term the state would add 250,000 jobs. But the state’s economy has followed national trends and remained sluggish.

After making a spectacle of themselves and smearing the state of Wisconsin as a "Tax Hell" under Gov. Jim Doyle, it appears as though the state's establishment has no lack of new excuses for their dismal record on job creation and economic expansion. Blaming "national trends" is one to simply remind everyone not to place the blame where it was always due, and they don't want anyone to lose sight of the fact that it's only one man they're trying to put out of his job.

Additional Perspective:

Democurmudgeon: Walker Blames Jobless "Open for Business" Plan on National Slowdown

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