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Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Janesville, Rock County Budgets Shorted By Almost $9 million

The latest reports show that Walker's class war budget cut $2.6 million in state aid shared revenues away from Rock County government. Walker also cut $5.43 million from the Janesville School District and another $864,000 in shared revenue from the City of Janesville. These figures of course don't include the cuts to Beloit, Milton or Edgerton and the many townships and villages in the county. Of course those revenue cuts will have to be made up with local tax increases or new fees, or teacher, public employee or service cuts. Our individual state income, property and sales taxes will not be going down proportionally since Walker will be diverting the captured revenue for state government spending.

Legislated through provisions in Act 10, the confiscation of these shared revenues from the pockets of local government agencies and services has allowed Walker to increase government spending by $1.1 billion and to expect a $300 million surplus after two years.

As a result of this massive revenue shift, Janesville city officials are for the first time considering the creation of a city wheel tax to make up for the Walker imposed shortage.

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