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Thursday, September 15, 2011

Repeal Act 10 To Restore Shared Revenues

Contrary to all the media hype and Walker's empty rhetoric about "tools," Wisconsin communities will be paying more in and getting less in return.

Beyond the destruction of collective bargaining rights, we knew this was their endgame. That the Walker class war budget taking $810 million away in state aid from education would force locals to do two things, either raise taxes on themselves or start making drastic cuts, or both.

JG Excerpt:
Janesville School Board members got some new budget numbers Tuesday, and they weren’t good ones.

The numbers suggested the board could raise property taxes this fall by up to 10 percent, although it doesn’t seem likely they will do so.

New estimates show that the district will get even less state aid than previously estimated but could raise taxes to make up the difference.

Wisconsin communities that have lost major employers, towns like Janesville, have been hit doubly hard because remaining taxpayers lucky enough to be employed will be footing an even larger tax bill to balance school and municipal budgets. After cutting education revenue to communities, Walker and Republicans increased government spending by $1.1 billion while promising to deliver less in local shared revenues. They have pulled off what is probably the greatest tax shift hoax in state history.

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