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Friday, September 16, 2011

Is Politico-Opted By Right-Wing Engineering?

I found these articles by Politico about the recent special New York election very telling of their conservative bias.

Politico was quick to mention that the Democrat in the race distanced himself from Obama. That's fair enough...

Politico Excerpt:
Even though Weprin distanced himself from Obama, Turner rallied Orthodox-Jewish support by linking the assemblyman to the White House.

..but made no mention that the Republican, Bob Turner, distanced himself from Paul Ryan's kill Medicare proposal. Not a huge gaffe unless they would try to build on that omission, which unfortunately is exactly what they proceeded to do.

As noted by the The Paul Ryan Watch and explained at the Frum Forum, the New York Republican openly rejected Ryan's privatize Medicare proposal - and won.

Frum Forum Excerpt:
Bob Turner distanced himself from the Ryan budget on Medicare and from Rick Perry (or at least the Perry of Fed Up!) on Social Security.

Despite that, Politico threw all common sense to the wind and giddily jumped off the bridge of journalistic integrity by writing that Paul Ryan was one of the winners in the NY special election.

That was blatant shrill political noise in an attempt to neutralize the heavy rejection Ryan's proposal was handed during Republican Jane Corwin's loss in the earlier special election held in upstate New York. Unlike Turner, Corwin openly supported the party-line Mediscare proposal at first, only to later dump Ryan's plan entirely when canvassing polls began turning against her.

As noted by xoff, if anything the NY-9 special election proved that republicans still have a chance at winning congressional elections providing they can convincingly distance themselves away from Ryan's extreme budget proposal. I'd hardly describe that as a "win" for Paul Ryan.

What was Politico thinking?

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