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Monday, July 25, 2011

Walker Nets A Whopper On State's Jobs Numbers

Remember last week when Scott Walker trumpeted the state's jobs growth as being half the jobs created in the entire country?

"It's incredibly important to put that in perspective," Walker said. "To have 9,500 net new jobs in the state at a time when the country saw just 18,000 net new jobs all across the country is incredibly good news, and it's driven by the rebirth of tourism in the state."

A "rebirth" in tourism (low-wage seasonal jobs) is usually driven by increased confidence and optimism from outside the state, but that's another and different angle here. Instead, xoff at Uppity Wisconsin pointed out that the state of Massachusetts also accounted for more than half the nation's job growth (+10,400). But in addition, Texas nearly doubled the nation's jobs growth all on its own with 32,000 new jobs, California (+28,800), Michigan (+18,000), and Minnesota (+13,200) also accounted for more than half of the nation's job growth. What are they? Chopped liver? But how could this be? Of course the key word is "net" jobs nationally.

But as typical for today's self-aggrandizing claw-down-the-other-guy political posturing, that's a perspective Governor Walker thought incredibly important to leave out.

Read full story here Also, check out the comments.

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Anonymous said...

Those 9000 jobs are also seasonal jobs. Nothing new, summer help for various places. One more lie from the pig.

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