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Monday, May 16, 2011

State GOP: Bullets or Ballots Presents Selective Constitutionalism

Local GOPers are making their case of statewide regression for permitless concealed carry. They claim citizens must have unfettered access to gun ownership and concealed carry in order to fully exercise the full breath and intention of the 2nd Amendment.

JG Excerpt:
Sen. Neal Kedzie R-Elkhorn:
“Two versions of concealed-carry legislation have been introduced; one which requires licensing and one which does not. The non-licensing bill—commonly referred to as ‘constitutional carry’ — is the truest measure which allows citizens to exercise their Second Amendment rights, and the bill I am currently supporting.

I really get a kick out these guys with their "constitutional carry" jargon. The 2nd Amendment contains no language as to "concealment" or "carry," but they matter-of-factly call it constitutional.

JG Excerpt:
Knilans said he finds himself in the middle of two concealed carry proposals, one that doesn’t require a permit and weapons training and one that does. But he’s also concerned about trampling constitutional rights. “I’m an advocate of some training, but the Second Amendment doesn’t say you have the right to bear arms if you’ve had training.”

Knilans, much like the entire GOP state legislative caucus, finds himself in the middle of trampling constitutional rights on everything. He's right that the 2nd Amendment doesn't contain any training pre-conditions to exercise our right to bear arms, but the constitution doesn't contain any pre-conditions that voters must present a Photo ID every time they vote either - but that didn't stop Knilans from supporting the anti-voter ID law. But these Tea Party Republicans are constitutional purists - don't let anyone tell them any different.

JG Excerpt:
Rep. Evan Wynn, R-Whitewater:
Wynn is a former U.S. Army paratrooper who characterizes himself as “very conservative” on constitutional issues. He’s cosponsoring Sen. Pam Galloway’s “constitutional carry” bill, which would allow concealed carry without fees or permits.

Wynn said he believes people should be allowed to carry weapons without being registered in police databases and that mandated training and permits for concealed carry would be extraneous and a government overreach.

“It makes people jump through so many hoops that they give up and don’t get a permit,” Wynn said. “Usually, people don’t buy a gun unless they know how to use one,” he said.

Hmmmm. Guns have fewer buttons and are less technical to operate than the average digital camera, yet we call those "point and shoot."

Wynn figures he doesn't want registration or government overreach preventing people from carrying a handgun or slowing down the process, those hoops of discouragement are reserved for union goons, minorities and senior citizen lemmings when they attempt to cast their vote for those rotten Democrats. That's where Photo ID, data base registration and government overreach are absolutely necessary because you never know when some evil socialist coward will pull a loaded ballot out and start firing away.

Of note, the Janesville Gazette made the effort to publicize that Jon Erpenbach (D-Middleton) declined to comment while giving a local Republican, Amy Loudenbeck, a complete free pass and made no mention of her name or position on this issue.

Just for the record, I believe in our Constitutional right for citizens to own and bear arms, but I'm also one of those backward people in the eyes of the Tea Party or someone like Rep. Paul Ryan because I also believe our Constitution is a living, breathing document that was meant to be more than just the foundation of our country. That it evolves and must be updated **NOT CHANGED** to reflect our present day realities and ever-changing conditions. I believe it is NOT in our country's best interests to promote more guns on the streets and to do so is a sign that we have less respect for the rule of law and less faith in law enforcement. It is a huge step backwards.

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