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Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Joe Knilans Contributors - True Colors

Today's True Colors Entry - Changing The Way We Do Business

Assembly Rep. Joe Knilans (44th District), a Republican, is one of Gov. Scott Walkers biggest boosters and an unwavering supporter of the class war Budget Repair Bill.

The freshman republican's term in office got off to a rocky start when it was discovered he did not live in the 44th district, but instead lived in the 45th. During his campaign he made statements that he was living in his brother's basement in the 44th despite Janesville property records showing that his brother's basement was unfinished (uninhabitable). Knilans soon moved to a new location in the 44th District. At the time, Knilans made statements on the Stan Milam Show that according to Dan Conry (WCLO radio host), assured voters he lived in the 44th District while he later acknowledged that he voted in the 45th district in the primary election. Knilans is hoping all of this is behind him as the legislator pushes for tighter voter residency rules including the new requirement disqualifying voters who fail to exhibit a state approved photo ID.

The district Knilans represents encompasses almost the entire city of Janesville. In November, Rock County voted Barrett 53% to Walker's 46% - keep in mind that was when area voters thought Walker was trustworthy. When Knilans voted for Walker's budget plan, he clearly voted against the wishes of the majority of his district.

Joe Knilans Campaign Contributors

$1,220 Mercy Health Systems
$1,000 Amerivest (Beloit)
$900 ABC Supply
$700 Christianson Property Group (Edgerton)
$600 Wisconsin Dairy Supply (Whitewater)
$600 Lycon
$500 Lions Quick Marts
$500 Prent
$500 Rock Road
$500 Westphal Electric
$470 Knight Public Affairs (Whitewater)
$300 Gehrig Hunt Club
$300 J.P. Cullen
$300 Yoss Construction
$300 King Capital LLC
$280 R & R Concrete
$250 Rockton Veterinary Hospital
$250 Damron Chiropractic
$250 Baxter Healthcare
$225 Regal Beloit
$200 Swiss Family Smoke House (Evansville)
$200 Alongi Santa Insurance Agency
$150 DWG Company
$150 Hufcor
$100 Prairie Craftsman Inc.
$100 Angus-Young Associates
$100 Babcock Advertising
$100 Commercial Bank of Whitewater
$100 Weiler & Co.
$100 UBS Financial
$100 Petersen Pharmacy
$100 Tincher Realty (Whitewater)
$100 Reinicke Clinic
$100 Cornellier Fireworks
$100 Carpenter Law office
$100 Van Galder Bus Company
$100 Tomah


Legislator Rating: (5/16/11)

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