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Friday, May 13, 2011

Political Business Group Pushing For Access Into School District Administration

As reported by our media monopoly the Janesville Gazette, Scott Walker’s local contributor base and cheerleader group, Forward Janesville, wants access into the Janesville School District administrative structure.

JG Excerpt:
Forward Janesville leaders are interested in offering its members’ assistance to the district and want to explore possible solutions that may not have been explored….

The politically active business group already has full access into Janesville municipal and Rock county governments. Now this powerful group of unelected and privileged local elites want the same access into the School District under the guise of offered assistance. They figure…why not?

JG Excerpt:
A blue ribbon committee to consider the district’s finances is another possibility, Beckord said.

Never mind that we already have a blue ribbon citizen panel to consider the school district’s finances…. It’s called the “school board.” With Walker's agenda driven by these deep-pocketed authoritarians and legislative enablers, Wisconsin is firmly on the way to having unelected shadow groups overseeing every aspect of state and local government. That must be their version of “local control.”

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Anonymous said...

Ahhh...yes. Lets! Cathie Black was such a boon to the city of New York school district so I'm sure Forward Janesville would be as well.

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