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Saturday, May 14, 2011

GOP Knilans Listening Session Shows Disconnect and Double Standard

The expensive, partisan and fraudulent Voter ID and concealed carry proposals were the main topics during a listening session hosted by Assembly Rep. Joe Knilans in Janesville.

Joe Knilans you might recall was the Republican candidate who had some very confusing and major residency issues of his own during his campaign and inauguration into the state assembly office that remain unresolved to this day.

Nearly 16,000 ballots were cast in the 44th district for two candidates (Sheridan (D) and Knilans(R)) without a single report of voter fraud. Sadly for Janesville voters, it was these two candidates who could not prove district residency beyond a shadow of a doubt in the very district they were running in during the primary and leading up to Election Tuesday. Yet the winner (Knilans) supports stricter residency requirements and photo ID’s not for legislative candidates and incumbents - but for voters.

Lacrosse Tribune Excerpt:
The purpose of the bill isn’t to prevent voter fraud because voter fraud is virtually non-existent. A partisan Republican Attorney General with every incentive to discover anyone who voted fraudulently or multiple times only unearthed 20 such cases over a multi-year period. Voting twice is a high-risk, low-reward activity, and attempting it borders on the insane.

No, what the bill is designed to produce is a voting election-day demographic more favorable to the Republican party, and the legislation’s $6 million price tag is just the cost of doing partisan business. Republican lawmakers identified a problem, and they intend to solve it. Ruthlessly.

Knilans own candidacy residency failures shows election fraud in Wisconsin was present in the 44th district, but it turns out the voters had nothing to do with it. It's too bad Wisconsin didn't have a strict Politician Photo ID to prove residency in the legislative district they're running for. It would have prevented thousands from casting their votes on one candidate who could not meet the same residency standards he now wants to impose on voters when he ran for office. At least that would have eliminated one fraud.

I've written this before and I'll do it again. There's a war on. Economically, it's on the working poor, middle-class and labor unions. Socially, it's on college students, minorities, women, senior citizens, future senior citizens and the disabled. Politically it's on Democrats, Liberals, Progressives and just about anyone on the Left. And culturally its' on anyone who does not adhere to the "wrapped in the flag" phony rhetoric of self-righteous conservatives. Certainly there are superficial differences between us, there might even be some conservatives and disillusioned republicans among us. But if we can overcome those differences, network and empower ourselves with perseverance and truth and recognize our commonality as the victims in these brutal assaults on our constitutional democracy from the corporate right-wing establishment and Tea Party radicals - we can win this war. But not until then.

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