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Friday, April 08, 2011

Rogue County Clerk Rediscovers 7,500 Votes For Prosser

This is unbelievable. I never acknowledged a Kloppenburg victory due to the extremely close unofficial voting results. 200, 300, 400 votes are just too close to call when human error hasn't been factored in. It could have flipped either way with a good fight. But 7,500 ballots? Discovered only after a county clerk acknowledged that she broke protocol when she removed election data files from the county’s computer network and uploaded them to stand-alone personal computers accessible only in her office? Why does this only seem possible in Fitzwalkerstan?

According to this JSOnline article, Waukesha County Clerk Kathy Nickolaus' had previously clashed with county board members in January over election security in her office. Some of the computer software dates back to Windows95 and because some of her equipment is so dated - it no longer gets security updates, and her election systems are not connected to the county's system but are on stand-alone equipment. Nickolaus has previously scoffed at complying with impartial election audits, thumbing her nose at critics. It should be noted that arch-conservative Waukesha County is one of the wealthiest counties in the state.

So, who is Nickolaus? Kathy Nickolaus worked for Assembly Republican Caucus when Prosser was Speaker. Caucus is controlled by speaker, so he is her former boss. Source

In 2001, Nickolaus was granted immunity to testify about her role as a computer analyst for the Assembly Republican Caucus, then under investigation — along with the Senate Republican Caucus and the Democratic caucuses for both houses — for using state resources to secretly run campaigns. more here.

One Wisconsin: Election Returns: What Went On in Waukesha?

DailyKos: Why Prosser needed exactly +7,500 votes If those new numbers stand, Kloppenburg, not the state, will have to bear the costs of a recount if she demands one.

Mark Pocan: If you are pissed at how they “found” 7500 votes in Waukesha County, the Capitol of Fitzwalkerstan, go to this link and donate now!

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