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Friday, April 08, 2011

Janesville Jets - True Colors

Today's True Colors Entry - Changing The Way We Do Business

Janesville Jets - Wisconsin Hockey Partners, LLC (WHP)
Owner(s): Bill McCoshen, Mark Cullen, Stephen B. King, William Kennedy, Tobin Ryan (Member Rock County 5.0), Eric P. Peterson, & Joe Pavelski.

Just at a time when the Janesville Ice Arena was enjoying an upsurge in community activity from area residents, the Janesville City Council hands over the community arena's programming control, game time advertising rights and beer sales concessions to the WHP in a cheap-rent lucrative contract that not only strings along taxpayers to pay for many of the team's brick-n-mortar operational expenses, but it also heavily restricts public use of the facility during primetime. You would be hard pressed to find a more candied deal than this considering the small scope of the teams' enterprise. McCoshen, Cullen and King alone are enough to classify the WHP as a GOP astro-turf organization. Of note: William Kennedy splits his contributions but leans Republican. He donated $750 to Tom Barrett. Added up, the owners of the WHP donated $6,750 to Walker.

Political contributions: Post-2008 election cycle

Rating: FJ$ (4/8/11) legend

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