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Wednesday, April 06, 2011

The Revolution Is On

Something good has begun. In fact, district by district results show electorate creep against the GOP corporate takeover of Wisconsin. While the State Supreme Court election results will likely remain in limbo until a recount, perhaps even two recounts, there can be no doubt that the revolution is on in Wisconsin.

The voters in the County of Rock once again stood strong with their peers in our fight to restore honor and law in our state. Rock County resoundedly rejected David Prosser. The vote total was Kloppenburg - 22,145 (60.2%), Prosser - 14,626 (39.7%). If the State Supreme Court election is to be viewed as a referendum on Scott Walker, Rock County voters have clearly put him and his class war legislators on notice.

Of equal importance is the fact that a Democrat won the county executive seat vacated by Walker and a resurgence of progressivism in the election of Paul Soglin in Madison. This is a very good thing.

Even in non-partisan Janesville, when a city council member verbally ripped an opponent of Walker's budget bill and used his council seat to eagerly voice his support for Scott Walker and his budget repair bill, informed people took notice and decided not to re-elect him. The Janesville Gazette blames the divisiveness in Madison and partisan voters for his loss.

No question, Prosser was considered a heavy favorite by the paid experts before Walker set the state on fire. Incumbents are always hard to beat, but even with that I still can't believe the numbers he garnered in the state. It seems like they're just hungrier to deregulate our environment, centralize our government and confiscate our wealth and rights from us than we are to protect them. The people have got to start viewing our State Supreme Court elections like the corporation counsels of the WMC and the RNC do - like it's life or death. This must be made a high priority. Our work is cut out for us that's for sure.

But the cancerous seed (Glenn Beck expression) from the west and northwestern 'burbs of Milwaukee continue to hold the rest of the state hostage to their radically different wealth redistributive corporate agenda. Make no mistake: Corporations and their Republican base will fight back. You can bet they will double down for the upcoming recalls and demonize voting consumers for no longer blindly supporting businesses that contribute to political causes against wage earners and society. There is much work to be done on our side. There are no accolades and there is no place to rest. Plus, we are easily out-financed in our goals by the wealthy corporatists by almost 2 - 1. Koch has very deep pockets.

The close numbers prove just how the Citizens United US Supreme Court ruling have tilted the tables even further against the wage earning taxpayer. They outspent us this time and nearly pulled it out. Corporations and mega-internationals collect enough kick-backed American tax dollars to pour millions of dollars in one shot into U.S. elections and consistently outspend wage class organizations. They are opposing us paid for with our own tax treasury. Walker is their guy and if his class war bill eventually becomes law, much more tax money will be kicked back and made available to defend the plutocracy.

Yet, the revolution taking place in Wisconsin must go beyond its borders. In Congress, Wisconsin's ideologically poisoned congressman Paul Ryan has proposed a plan that will abolish Medicare within 10 years. Every person under the age of 55 today will not have the quality and equitable health care guarantee that seniors enjoy today. Ryan blames the federal government, Medicare and Medicaid for the greed-driven high costs of the private health care industry. His position with Big Insurance is the same position he holds for Big Oil. He thinks their profits should be padded by deleveraging seniors with tax subsidized vouchers. The price at the pump isn't high enough. Ryan's plan is so far out there that it offers no room for compromise - just like Walker.

I'm so proud of Rock County and the State of Wisconsin for standing up. We put the enemies of good government, wages and benefits for all on notice. But this is not a time for healing. This is a time for battle.

I'm now convinced that the people. United. Will never be defeated.

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Wasserman-Schultz is a rising star and I have seen her on television numerous times in the last year or so. I think she is doing the work she is meant to do and I predict a strong future if it is in God's will to make this happen.

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