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Wednesday, April 06, 2011

Janesville City Council Incumbent Defeated

After initiating a highly insulting personal attack against fellow council member Yuri Rashkin in an email a week ago, incumbent Frank Perrotto, known for his flippantly arrogant comments during council discussion, was unseated last night from the Janesville City Council. During a recent city council meeting, it was also Perrotto who used his council position on live TV to voice his support for Gov. Scott Walker and his budget repair bill.

In a Janesville Gazette web article posted soon after election results, the newspaper spins in defense of Frank Perrotto as a "victim" of partisan politics. The Gazette endorsed Perrotto.

With one seat wide open of four seats in the mix, Deb Dongarra-Adams and Sam Liebert captured two while incumbents George Brunner and Russ Steeber prevailed over the remaining challengers. Congratulations!!


Anonymous said...

So, "Janesville City Council member and incumbent Frank Perrotto was unseated tonight, possibly a victim of partisan politics.

Perrotto blamed an argument between himself and Councilman Yuri Rashkin, who is a Democrat and a vocal supporter of union rights.", which is what the Gazette web article says, is spin?

Perotto says that is what hurt him and the Gazette reported that.

An incumbent lost his re-election bid. That's news. He was asked why he thought he lost. The paper reported what he said. How is that spin?

Often I think you read too much into articles that are written by reporters - not Skip Bliss. Dislike the Gazette because of who it endorses and what the opinion page stance might be, but to find spin in this going too far and makes you seem vindictive. Facts are facts.

I'm as glad as the next guy to see Perotto gone, but that's the Gazette doing its job.

Anonymous said...

Frank lost because of his arrogant attitude. He truly believes that he is smarter than everyone else, and has no problem telling people why they are wrong - instead of listening to other people's viewpoints. He decided to sit through Walker's speach, Yuri decided to leave. Both had the right to do what they did - yet Frank feels it necessary to tell Yuri why he is wrong. Not why "Frank THINKS he is wrong, but that Yuri WAS wrong, period".

Perrotto lost any chance to get my vote when he publicly humiliated K.Andreah and another older gentleman at a Council meeting, telling them that because they disagreed with the Council, that they were disrespectful....THIS ACT gave me the creeps - basically sending a message to residents, "if you don't agree with me, don't come here and tell me, because I will publicly humiliate you". Perrotto demands respect, but only gives respect to those that agree with him - and he illustrated that over, and over and over.

Lou Kaye said...

Anonymous 10:39, think about this statement for a moment, "Perrotto did not lose his seat just because Yuri Rashkin happens to be a Democrat and a vocal supporter of union rights." Got That? Make sure that sinks in first because Perrotto lost on his own accord. Perrotto made known his support for Walker in a very partisan speech while sitting in his council seat AND he viciously ripped another council member for making a personal expression of support for business and labor. He may have kept his seat if those two things never happened. Not because of something another council member did.

Today's Gazette article on Perrotto places the blame everywhere except where it belongs. People have got to wise up to the Gazette. They do not journalize or editorialize the area's politics - they oppose them. Stop paying for something that is being used against you. The polls prove it.

Thanks for your comment 11:13

Anonymous said...

Anon 10:39 here again.

Once again, I think you reach a bit. Perotto places the blame on partisan politics, not the Gazette. HE misplaces the blame. The Gazette rehashed the brief history of the spat and included comments from Rashkin and Perotto. I think any reasonable and logical person would conclude that Perotto was hoist by his own petard. He can blame whomever or whatever he wants, but he said what he said.

In the same article, Sam Liebert says that the political climate likely played a role in his election and that the Rashkin-Perotto feud impacted the outcome for all those involved.

So while a loser blames the political climate, a winner acknowledges it likely helped.

Unfortunately, that's a big part of politics these days. It used to be about making things better. Now, it's often about tearing down others and trying to undo what previous boards, senates, legislatures and office-holders have done, instead of trying to improve things.

It's funny. We both like the outcome, but see the article two different ways.

Lou Kaye said...

Perrotto blames partisanship for his loss and so does the Gazette. That's like blaming the water in the ocean because their boat sunk. The Gazette is clearly trying to spin this as a partisan issue and they framed Liebert's comments in the article to appear as more evidence that they are right. Even their editorial begins, "Partisanship, it's sad to say, has turned local politics ugly." Are you kidding me??

Look, for years Janesville residents had no clue about the politics of the council candidates they vote for because there has been a concerted effort by the Gazette and Forward Janesville to keep it under wraps. We need as much information about office candidates as we can get to make an informed decision. Anything less is voting ignorant.

Anonymous said...

"Perrotto was not without fault."

Line from the same April 6 editorial you just quoted.

Doesn't sound like spin to me.

Lou Kaye said...

Oh wow. Well that was a huge concession, wasn't it? The big problem with that editorial is it puts as much blame on Rashkin as it does on Perrotto for Perrotto's loss. So I return to the basis of my original comment that, Perrotto did not lose his seat just because Yuri Rashkin happens to be a Democrat and a vocal supporter of union rights.

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