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Saturday, March 05, 2011

Who Ever Said Walker Was a Heartless Zombie?

As noted by ThinkProgress, Walker's budget bill slashes Medicaid, while increasing funeral assistance for those who die destitute.

ThinkProgress Excerpt:
One of the lesser-known assaults on working class people in Walker’s most recent legislative push is his attempt to override federal Medicaid laws to place the state’s subsidized health care system, BadgerCare, under the control of the state’s Health and Human Services office, and then proceed to slash its budget and throw thousands of people off the rolls.

At the same time, the Walker budget “recommends increasing payments to counties to cover the costs of burying Wisconsinites who die destitute” — one of the few major increases in spending to be found in the document.

The Badger-Herald filed a video report from the scene of the funeral procession. Watch it:

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