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Thursday, March 24, 2011

Forward Janesville Opposed Democrats Budget Bill In 2007

I knew something didn't smell right when John Beckord of Forward Janesville implied that the business establishment lobby group doesn't take sides in the political arena. Through their media partner, the Janesville Gazette, the group constantly tries to paint itself as a willing participant and a non-partisan player regardless of the state's party leadership or legislative agenda.

JG Excerpt:
“If you think about the role and mission of this organization as it relates to economic development, it makes sense for us to cultivate a good working relationship with every administration, Democrat or Republican,” Beckord said..... “A key part of the concept of civility is a certain level of respect for our elected officials whether one agrees with them or not on matters of policy.”

None of that go-along-to-get-along with state leadership mattered to Forward Janesville or the Janesville Gazette when both institutions signed a petition to stop the state budget in 2007. Of course, Democrats were in charge at the time.

List Of Rock County Businesses Opposing Democrats Budget Bill 2007

You can view the full list of Wisconsin businesses that opposed the State Budget when Democrats were in control here.

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