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Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Emails Against Democrats Action Counted As Support For Walker's Budget Bill?

Yahoo Excerpt:
But an Associated Press analysis of the emails shows that, for close to a week, messages in Walker's inbox were running roughly 2-to-1 against his plans.

That's amazing. When average Wisconsinites addressed the nuts and bolts of the budget bill, they stood against Walker by a landslide. Removing the partisan aspect from the budget bill, I'd say the opposition to Walker among real Wisconsinites has now grown 3 - 1.

Yahoo Excerpt:
The tide did not turn in his favor until shortly after desperate Democrats fled the state to stop a vote they knew they would lose.

Many of those "after" emails should be discarded as evidence of support for Walker or the budget bill. They do not qualify as untainted support for the budget bill simply because they were inspired by the democrats filibuster. Instead, most of those are emotional "putting on the hate" emails against democrats from GOP partisans and RNC PAC robots, many from out of state, who had no reason to comment on the budget bill before until given an issue to attack democrats with.

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