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Saturday, February 12, 2011

Why Does Walker Hate Freedom, Capitalism?

>>> Rally Info from the Wisconsin State Employees Union here.

>>> Fair Wisconsin -- Join Fair Wisconsin and thousands of union members and allies for an 11am rally at the State Capitol on Tuesday and Wednesday!

>>> AFT Wisconsin - A union of professionals, rally for collective bargaining.

>>> WEAC Rally help stop this radical attack on Wisconsin Workers.

What is at stake here are not only the wages and benefits but the right for American workers to form an association or union to seek better lives for themselves. To seek the best wages, working conditions, benefits and pensions possible through discourse, negotiation and hard work. That's pure capitalism. Imagine two people trying to work the lowest price on a home purchase and the armed buyer just says, "forget it, because I can't afford it, I have nothing to negotiate. I'm taking the house and burning it down." That's Walker.

Why does Walker hate freedom? Why does Walker hate capitalism?

The following excerpt is from the Democratic Party of Wisconsin


Today is a dark day in the history of our state and that is exactly why I'm asking you to take the following four steps to fight for Wisconsin's middle class.

1. Call, write or e-mail your local legislators, Republican or Democrat: Let them know you oppose the power grab by Walker that puts the Wisconsin way of life in peril.

2. Call Scott Walker himself: Let him know that raising the specter of the National Guard is inflammatory and not what we expect out of our leaders. Tell him him to work for all the citizens of the state, and not just for his corporate contributors.

3. Canvass your community: The most effective action that you can take is to talk to your friends and neighbors about protecting the rights of working families in Wisconsin. It is essential that you, our grassroots activists across Wisconsin, start canvassing today.

4. Rally and respond: Beginning on Tuesday and Wednesday we will be rallying at the Capitol, as Walker seeks to impose his skewed values on Wisconsin. Join us in Madison to make your voice heard.

This was a very bad day for all working people in Wisconsin. But now is the time to let your voices be heard. Now is the time to fight for Wisconsin's way of life.


Democurmudgeon said...

Let's remind them of their own words, "you're not listening to us" at the rallies. Tea party numbskull's were actually only a few people shouting their displeasure of not being heard. Can you imagine a larger protest and the same message?

It proves how gutless the former Democratic leadership was, not imposing our liberal values with the same fervor as these lunatic authoritarians ghouls.

Anonymous said...

Eerily quiet from the Gazette.

Anonymous said...

Scott Walker: most hated man in Wisconsin

Rex said...

We have got to work together people...
Oh do we? The real issue is this:

Union leaders have proclaimed that this is not the time to strip bargaining powers from the workers and furthermore have stated emphatically that in these dire times that management and workers must work together through the collective bargaining process to achieve mutually beneficial contracts that will increase the economy and create jobs.

What a load of crap. If they really felt this way then why didn't the state workers accept the terms from the democratic controlled legislature? Answer the only thing dire to them about these times is that now, like everyone else (SERIOUSLY EVERYONE ELSE) they get put into a position where they can either accept terms of their employment or have no job. The only jobs created by increasing wages and benefits to one set of employees (public) while another set of employees (private sector) loses wages and benefits are blow-jobs because all of us in the private sector will have to give them on street corners to pay our frickin' taxes!

By the by I am middle class. I have seen no pay raise in 3 years as well. I will continue to see no raise because my company must lower prices for their goods and services to keep people coming in the door so they can pay their bills and payroll. I have no retirement unless I want to pay on my own, which is fine but much more expensive than employees with ANY type of retirement plan. Trust that.

I have health care that has increased in premiums by 10% this year, has added co-payments this year, already has a $1500 deductible, and restricted my care network further. Where the fuck is Obamacare now? I will tell you where, working on paying for the 20,000+ employees they have to add to the IRS while the insurance companies are raising their premium rates through the roof with apparently no repercussions whatsoever.

Here is the deal unions and union members, you can either accept these terms or you will lose some of your "brothers and sisters" in your union to lay-offs because we can't afford this anymore.

OK break-time is over back to my cushy private sector job while all the public employees toil in slave-like conditions. What bullshit.
Posted by Uncle Smitty

Anonymous said...

Maybe you should fight for your rights instead of fighting against others. If you think this will stop at the public sector you are mistaken.

Lou Kaye said...

Hey Rex,
You made your point. But have you looked over the details of Walker's plan? He intends on banning limited term state employees from participating in the state employee health care system - at any price. This means they have no recourse but to jump onto either low income BadgerCare, Medicaid or other gub'mint run plan - plans that Walker wants to shut down anyways. That's just one of the dozens of problems buried inside his plan. If this is a budget problem and everybody must sacrifice, why are certain unions exempt from Walker's "budget plan?"

I've heard this all before and what I don't get about many non-union private sector workers is how they complain how good the union workers have it and instead of asking, "how can we create worker associations to lift our own salaries, wages, benefits and working conditions," but only how can we claw down those we believe are better off. And how awful those unions are for having bettered the conditions of their members.

If this were really about tackling the budget the governor should sit down with agency heads, workers, their representatives, their unions and start negotiating. The Wisconsin legislature is now full of low-wage conservatives who campaigned and won as "cutters" and "savers." It's time for Knilans, Wynn, Kedzie, Loudenback and the rest to show us what they're districts are willing to sacrifice. Instead they're attacking employee unions. Cowards!! Walker should walk into every Assembly and Senate members office and lay down what the goal is and ask how much THEIR district can commit to, and how long sacrifices will needed to remain in place.

Remember this is only temporary, we just need to draw down the budget deficit handed down from McCallum/Thompson and begin anew with a relatively balanced budget.

But the worst thing to do is say, " I have a problem and there's nothing to negotiate." That's not leadership. That's a fool.

Anonymous said...

Poor uncle smitty, to dumb and cowardly to join or start his own union.

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