Today is

Monday, February 14, 2011

Stand In Solidarity Wisconsin

Please do what you can. Call, email your legislators. Attend a rally in Madison if possible. Make phone calls to people who can help make a difference. Spread the word among your friends, neighbors, Facebook and Twitter.

>>> Labor to Stand in Solidarity, leaders from both private and public unions will stand in solidarity against Walker's radical proposal. Monday, 11 AM at the Concourse Hotel, Madison. More info here.

>>> Rally Info from the Wisconsin State Employees Union here.

>>> Fair Wisconsin -- Join Fair Wisconsin and thousands of union members and allies for an 11am rally at the State Capitol on Tuesday and Wednesday!

>>> AFT Wisconsin - A union of professionals, rally for collective bargaining.

>>> WEAC Rally help stop this radical attack on Wisconsin Workers.

>>> Support Wisconsin Workers, Boycott Johnsonville and Sargento.

Available Now! Official Rock Netroots "Solidarity" T-shirts and other goodies available at CafePress.

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Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Please, please tell us if we can use this solidarity symbol ourselves. It is wonderful!!!

Lynn at

Lou Kaye said...

Yes please do. It is open to all for the march in Madison. But I would appreciate if the "Rock Netroots" name is left intact. Thanks

Anonymous said...

Wow! This captures the moment perfectly. Really nice work!

Anonymous said...

100% in SOLIDARITY with you. seeing this photo being posted to people's profiles on Facebook... hope this is the beginning of a mass movement against corporate greed!!

Anonymous said...

Can the image be put on t-shirts? If so, do you have a sharper image available that can be enlarged? Thanks much!

Lynn at

Krista said...

Love the image!! With thanks I'm grabbing it and using it for my facebook as the protests continue. Awesome!

Anonymous said...

Love the image! Also using it for my FB. Keep up the fight!~

Anonymous said...

Go Walker Go.

Anonymous said...

Death to Unions, they only protect the lazy.

Anonymous said...

you right out of Lenin bolschevik revolutionaries......
Lenin Killed and exterminated anywhere from 4 to 5 million people....Men Women and Children..


Anonymous said...

You know, to all those protesting, you're just showing Scott Walker why he is right and you are wrong.

By leaving your jobs, you show that you care about money more than your job, and prove his point that he's taking money from the people that are the most greedy.

And don't tell me multi-million dollar business owners are greedy. They went out, got a great idea, followed their passion, and worked for their money. If you want to call them greedy, try doing what they did first, then come back and talk to me.

Prolonging the debt issue is a short term attempt to fix a very long lasting problem. It's like taking tums for an ulcer. Get back to Wisconsin you witless fools and start to propose YOUR idea to get out of the debt that YOU caused.

Enough rioting. Go back to work and prove Walker that you value your jobs, and give him an incentive to keep the union around.

Anonymous said...

To the last four goons.

Boo..hoo. Sniffle. Let me give you a hint. I'm gonna cry....sniffle...sniffle, me a river. Those poor billionaires worked so hard for their money, let's give them a billion dollars in tax breaks so we can balance the new debt on those overpaid sloth teachers, firefighters, social workers and janitors. I'm just a class war idiot I can't help myself. They're all Bolsheviks and hippies anyways. Sniffle. Capitalism only belongs to us royalty, not for those socialists teaching our kids how to be a Marxist. Boo, hooo, hoooo. Enough rioting with all your dirty hippie flowers, fist bumping and greedy love music. Sniffle, sniffle.

Anonymous said...

Lol at the Lenin comparison, clearly you don't know history at all.

Anonymous said...

Take away the right to collecely bargain? More of our freedom gone.
the idea of freedom in America is lost.
it (the patriotic brainwashing) is a lie.

The only freedom we have is our vote. The time is overdue for anti-incumbant. That is our only recourse.

Anonymous said...

NO! your freedom was gone when you were FORCED to join the union and the due were taken out of your check AUTOMATICALLY. why don't you get out of the mob for a bit and look at this with a clear head. If you are a good public worker you shouldn't have to worry. If you are not? well you don't have to worry either as you have one of those PENSION things that NOBODY has anymore. Why don't you do something useful and sandbag a river or something.

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