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Monday, February 28, 2011

Strong-arm Tactics Being Used By Republicans

FireDogLake Excerpt:
A bit more on the fast-moving story in the Capitol Building in Madison, Wisconsin:

• Clearly Scott Walker and the Capitol police are trying to deprive protesters of having access to the building. Both Defend Wisconsin and a coalition of labor unions have filed lawsuits and other enforcement actions. Defend(ing) Wisconsin went to US District Court to try to pry open the Capitol. Labor is filing for a temporary restraining order (TRO). more >>>

Some of the major points in this story are:

* Illegal denial of access into a public building, which under the Wisconsin state constitution is prohibited.

* A cancer patient was denied access during a medical emergency.

* Senate Majority Leader Scott Fitzgerald is attempting to take control of Democratic staffers time sheets and whether or not they are paid.

* Republicans in the state senate threatened to kick Republican senator Dale Schultz out of their caucus for proposing a modest compromise with unions and senate Dems.

Ericming5 (twitter) Capitol Updates:
Father of the Speaker and Senate majority leader is now in charge of the capitol from rumblings. Bolts then seem unsuprising. #WIunion

UPDATE: Defend Wisconsin reports that there are now metal detectors (that’s brand new) for access into the building, and bags are being searched. People are being let in via one entrance with three lines: one for constituents with appointments, one for protesters, and one for public hearings. Some Assembly Democrats are making appointments with people to help them obtain access.

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