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Monday, February 28, 2011

Photos: Janesville Solidarity Rally

The Janesville Solidarity Rally held this past Thursday during evening hours at the Rock County Courthouse opened up with chants of "Thank you Tim, thank you Tim, thank you Tim" in honor of Sen. Tim Cullen for being one of the Wisconsin 14 holding firm in the face of Walker's ideological class war against the employed. The peaceful crowd of several hundred enthusiatic defenders of rights and freedom appeared compact on the court house lawn, huddling close in on a few organizers and local workers bullhorning an exhilarating message of unity and strength.

A Janesville Gazette reporter was spotted in the crowd taking notes for an article they'll likely never publish.

My personal favorite, a supporter with his beeuuutiful Solidarity poster.

Thanks to Bob C. for the photos. I owe you one.

Check out 50 photos from the 50 state rallies to Save the American Dream.


LakeFXDan said...

Lou, this is Dan Hartung. I'm proud to be holding your artwork as my sign. I hope I played a part in getting it out on Facebook, where I have seen it show up as avatars for people from New Jersey to Montana. You'll like this, too: I was holding at the state capitol, when two burly guys behind me talked about how "that image is all over the internet!" I have two union members in my family.

Lou Kaye said...

Hello Dan. The Wisconsin Solidarity "map" seems to be more of a web phenom at the moment. But I have also spotted smaller images (letter size run off the printer) attached to larger posters in the capitol. Check out the 50 photo link at the bottom of this post and there's a photo (41) of a huge banner of it on a stage in New Jersey. I consider it a huge honor and am humbled by the response I've received over it. Thank you Dan. Solidarity Forever.

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