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Monday, January 31, 2011

Sporting Goods Retailer Won't Bite On Jerk Bait

Gov. Scott Walker and the republican-led state legislature said Friday they would move quickly to enact a bill that would allow a developer to build on a wetland near Lambeau Field, even as the retailer envisioned for the development announced that it would not build on such a site.

It's really hard to get any more jerky-er than that. No wait.

Bass Pro Shops is believed to be the retailer that Neenah businessman John Bergstrom is developing for the site. Bergstrom, a donor to Walker's campaign and a committee member for the Packers, had been asked by the team to pursue a commercial project to complement the drawing power of Lambeau.

It pays to contribute.

What others are saying...
Cognitive Dissidence Excerpt:
Much to the dismay of environmentalists, conservationists and sportsmen alike, Scott Walker decided to give special dispensation to a campaign donor so that said donor could pave over some wetlands to put up a shopping strip mall. More>>>

Mondo Media Excerpt:
The environment-raping Republican juggernaut in Madison met an unexpected bump in the road yesterday when the intended tenants of John Bergstrom’s wetlands pave-over in Green Bay announced that they would have nothing to do with it. "We don't build on wetlands," said a spokesperson for Bass Pro Shops, an apparently successful hunt-and-fish-and-gun retailer that car-dealer Bergstrom wanted to bring to the wetter vicinity of Lambeau Field. More>>>

Brew City Brawler Excerpt:
Walker, suspecting most companies are like Menards in not giving a shit about the environment, is apparently unaware that Bass Pro Shops is led by a moonbat who's received all sorts of conservation awards from groups like the National Wildlife Federation. More>>>

Uppity Wisconsin Excerpt:
Bass Pro Shops just gained a customer in me and in thousands of other Wisconsinites who value wetlands. We're quick to criticize and boycott companies who do the wrong thing. It would be nice to recognize some responsible behavior. More>>>

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