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Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Doyle and Democrats Put State On Strong Footing For Jobs

Before Walker takes office and faces the challenge of backing his promise that he will create 250,000 new jobs in Wisconsin by the end of his term, a new report shows that the state might be better off without him.

Those measuring the state's economy project that recovery policies enacted well before Walker takes office, under Gov. Jim Doyle and state democrats, and aided by federal stimulus dollars have set the state on a trajectory for as many as 288,000 new jobs - providing of course that Walker keeps his hands off.
Channel 3000 Excerpt:
One forecast shows that even if Walker does nothing the state will add 190,000 jobs over the next four years. Another forecast shows there will be nearly 290,000 new jobs.
But I'm not a selfish person. So let's compromise and project that the state will create about 240,000 over the next four years exclusive from Walker's jobs plan. So, in order to hold Walker to his campaign promise of 250,000 over four years, the state will need to have created almost 500,000 new jobs since the first 240,000 jobs belong to Doyle and the democrats. What a great legacy!

Remember, on the campaign trail Walker never said he intends on "doing nothing" to create jobs. Actually, it was quite to the contrary. Walker said he has a plan, a very detailed and specific plan (check out his 68 page jobs plan - it's a hoot!), that once implemented will create 250,000 by the end of his term in office. Unfortunately for us, Walker hasn't been able to keep his hands off as losses directly attributable to his actions (not the state) have already cost us anywhere from 7,500 to 12,000 jobs, and this is before he's taken office.

Unless Walker continues to do even more damage, Wisconsin democrats and concerned voters will need to keep 500,000 as the lowest possible magic number in order to hold him accountable for his 250,000 jobs guarantee. We must not allow Walker enablers and his media accomplices to give him credit for job creation that belongs to others.

Remember that 500,000 number in 2014. Walker will hope you won't.

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Anonymous said...

Congrats on being wrong again.

Doyle leaving alone will bring jobs into the state. A state trending away from Democratic/Liberal ideals will attract more Conservative business owners to begin hiring with less fear of losing their profits since they won't be getting taxed as hard.

You may hate it, but Republicans in Office = Business owners less afraid = Hiring

FYI - Those jobs from the train are ficticious and don't equal nearly the amount our state would spend in the long haul maintaining the darn thing just to act as a corridor for Chicago and the twin cities.

Lou Kaye said...

That is not what the article stated. It read, "The department projects adding 190,000 jobs over the next four years without any policy changes."

That means exactly what it means. No spin, no b.s. You hate it because it's the truth.

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