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Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Media Tool Hope Americans Too Stupid To Vote In November

The Janesville Messenger, a proud member of the local monopoly of media propagandists that includes the Janesville Gazette and their affiliated radio stations are in full campaign mode saturating the Rock County area with GOP electioneering hackery.

The victims of an educated citizenry penning the editorial in Sunday's Janesville Messenger (Page 6) seemed to have gotten their underwear all bunched up after President Obama stopped in Madison last week reminding folks not to forget who really drove the country into the ground.

Titled "No 'civic duty' to vote," the way they see it is, is that the majority of Americans MUST be ignorant since Barack Obama won the presidency. What else could explain it? And since they believe most voters are either clueless or too stupid to vote intelligently - they should embrace the civic duty on election day ... by staying home.

Democrats must not let republicans win by default. That's all the hope republicans have - it's all riding on the premise that America won't show up to vote.


The Sconz said...

Wow –– easily one of the most cynical editorials I've ever read. And I thought the Wall Street Journal was bad.

But the irony is that it is also one of the most ignorant editorials I've ever read. It asserts, without basis, that Democratic victories are based on voter fraud, and that Obama has a "radical agenda." I'm hoping they don't believe that is the path away from "platitudes" and towards an informed electorate.

proud progressive said...

The editor here is a hack. He perpetually allows unlimited print space to any republican that wants. Its funny he printed this column right next to one from a local "tea partier".. I believe the best saying here is

He who lives in glass houses...

Lou Kaye said...

When I started this blog, the Janesville Messenger received regular scrutiny from me mostly because of their far-right oligarchic condescensions and Ayn Rand Institute articles. Lately, its been hard to take them seriously with their baseless arguments and juvenile tone, but I thought this particular editorial was way over the top coming from what most might think is a legitimate informational source. You know somethings not quite right upstairs when the 1st Amendment is the default header to nearly all of their editorials

Anonymous said...

This editor is simply a two-bit version of Paul Weyrich, who frankly stated that right-wingers have the best chance of winning when voter turnout is suppressed. At least Weyrich had the common sense to support rail-based public transit, stating it openly with cogent argumentation, unlike this tool, who has no redeeming qualities.

Anonymous said...

The irony here is that if mostly ignorant and stupid Americans show up to vote - repugs win!

Anonymous said...

Could you please link to the editorial being discussed. I haven't had a chance to read.

That being said. I was in college during Obama's victory over McCain. I was constantly insulted for being a Moderate that didn't vote for Obama.

When I asked my classmates why they voted for Obama. 56% (true to my polling) responded that it's because he was Black (no other polical reasoning. And our campus had record turnouts). Others because they wanted Change but the majority that answered that couldn't point out what change specifically they wanted. But some did bring up good points. i.e. Leaving Iraq, open government and freedom to Government bills and information, reduced earmark spending.

I was close to voting for Obama due to his promise to eliminate wasteful earmarks and post all Bills to be voted on to the Internet 72 (or maybe it was 48) hours before the bill so everybody had a chance to see what the government was doing. He hasn't followed through on either of these promises so I'm glad I didn't.

Both Democrats and Republicans rely on convincing stupid people. Why else do they make Abortion such a big deal. Tugging on emotions (like yours apparently).

Lou Kaye said...

The Janesville Messenger shut off the link to their editorial.

I agree, Obama hasn't lived up to some of the magic he promised, although I would argue that it was the Republicans who put up on a pedestal only to make sure his fall was greater by obstructing him every chance they got. But Obama's far better than whatever the alternative is.

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