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Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Introduction: Janesville's New WCLO Wingnut

It's been only a little over a week since Bliss Communications new talk show host, Dan Conry, replaced the politically affable but water-carrying Stan Milam in the Gazette's WCLO radio echo chamber. At first I thought it might take awhile to peel back the layers of feeling his way around niceties and plastic neutrality. Not so with Dan Conry. There's no sense in giving him the benefit of the doubt any longer.

During a recent political debate, Republican candidate for county sheriff Gary Keller referred to county deputies as "brown shirts." Despite Keller later clarifying the statement, the Janesville Gazette sensationalized Keller's poor choice of a single misspoken word into a weekend long series of articles. Even the newspaper's "we the people" blogger refused to accept Keller's clarification in a nearly incoherent posting titled Lies! Lies! Lies! LOCAL TOO! Laughably unbelievable.

And what does Conry have to say? He just tags along with his media masters distortions. Conry said he was outraged, stunning, absolutely stunning, he would have went into road rage, scorched earth, "I would have done the whole village." That, over a candidate claiming some constituents referred to sheriff's deputies as brown shirts? No question Keller made a poor decision when he chose to use that descriptor, but to go ballistic over it?

In this podcast after the brown shirts farce, Conry has no problem himself calling innocent folks, blue collar, white collar, families, kids and seniors pedaling their way around Janesville's streets and bike paths, "communists." Bike path users are communists? Moe-Larry-cheese, Moe-Larry-cheese. Yeah really, you lit Conry's idiot-fuse again. When he hears about bike trails, we're gonna have a bunch of communists wearing their tight shorts taking over traffic...with their communist manifesto's....

I assume Conry is collecting a paycheck for this trash.

But it didn't end there.

Conry is praying for a sea-change in power in a few weeks. So what's he calling for from government after the election? Solutions? Jobs? Unification? Cooperation? Not a chance. Like every good conservative he parrots one of the latest GOP hollow narratives - he's calling for investigations. Yep, local investigations on mayors, city councils and county boards and the like. Government investigating government. THAT is what conservatives offer. Never mind that Conry is now working for the area's self-described government (eyeroll) watch-dog. Did he call out on his media bosses to step up and investigate government? Please - don't make me laugh. This particular segment about local investigations eventually devolves into knee-jerk defamations against Rep. Barnie Frank. Yep, he somehow finds a spot to fit Frank in there - out of the blue. "Barnie Frank should be locked up!" he says. The call-in speaker said "he's a criminal!" Conry agreed, "Yep!

No substance - just garbage.

Look, I did not expect much different from Bliss Communications in their search for a political commentary radio host. The folks at the Gazette were not looking for a locally informed independent critical thinker who would challenge the power. They were looking for someone to send a message, a specific right-wing message AND to look out for their business and programming interests. They got it in Dan Conry, who admits he's got a man-crush on Wall Streeter Paul Ryan and considers progressives-are-a-cancer Glenn Beck - his buddy.

WCLO got exactly what they wanted - a far right-wing self-winding republican automaton - the cuckoo in the cuckoo clock.

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It looks like you've got a couple of genuwhine 'tards down in Janesville to keep you busy.

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