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Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Keach Wins! Keach Wins! Keach Wins!

Possibly the most watched local race in Rock County, county coroner incumbent Jenifer Keach soundly defeated her primary challenger, Terry Holder, in Tuesday's election.

Holder, who some have felt carpetbagged the race as a democrat to take advantage of a low turn-out state primary and also collected signatures for her ballot petition while remaining employed with the federal government - a Hatch Act violation - was endorsed by Keach's powerful opponent, the local media monopoly Janesville Gazette.

Despite the onslaught from her political adversaries and the Gazette, Rock County voters felt differently and endorsed Jenifer Keach with 61 percent of the vote.

Keach however, will likely remain a regular target of the newspaper and a pathetic band of disgruntled employees and county insiders looking to destabilize the elective office into non-existence. They don't like her or some of her management decisions - seems to be the most serious and latest complaint filed and conveniently leaked less than a week before primary Tuesday.

Congratulations to Coroner Keach on a long and well fought and deserved victory over a battery of opponents. The people have spoken.


Anonymous said...

Thank you voters of Rock County! I am honored to be your coroner for another four years.

Jenifer Keach

Anonymous said...

I ain't over yet

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