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Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Can Sheridan's Challenger Bring GM Back To Janesville?

Joe Knilans easily outdistanced three other hopefuls and won the GOP primary to face off against Assembly Speaker Mike Sheridan to represent the 44th Assembly District. Knilans defeated Janesville City Council member William Truman and former city assessor Charles Knipp. Paul Ryan protege, Kenneth Brotheridge, finished last.
JG Excerpt:
“My message will continue to be the same: We need to bring jobs back to this district,” Knilans said. “Our current representative has failed us in that regard. “He promised to get a new GM plant here, and he failed miserably in that. The plant closed, and a lot of people resent that.”
Is he promising to bring GM jobs back, or is he just playing off resentments?


Anonymous said...

It's funny how Joe talks about the issues on his website on "wasteful spending" in regards to the High Speed Train but is in full support of the I90 expansion. Where does he think he is going to get the millions of dollars for that project when we are already in the red? He talks about lowering taxes for both businesses and citizens but the money for this expansion is not going to generate from lowering taxes. Come on Joe, figure out what you want to do...either you want to lower taxes or raise them.

Anonymous said...

What? Another government-doesn't-create-jobs republican blaming government for the loss of private sector jobs. What? Another cut taxes republican in support of deficit spending our way into a balanced budget for a highway expansion. What? Another former generous paycheck collecting GM republican bitter towards Mike Sheridan for GM's demise? Meet Joe Knilans.

Anonymous said...

Joe Knilans is a joke of a candidate. This is going to be a clean sweep for Mike Sheridan.

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