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Saturday, June 05, 2010

Video: Ron Johnson At Janesville Tea Party Rally

I wasn't sure whether to post this video or not but I promised a good friend I would if he would do the legwork. Nevertheless, it was uneventful.

Will a rich guy willing to spend $10 million be able to buy his way into a U.S. Senate seat?

Joe McNally The Tea party's Mad Hatters

Blogging Blue Ron Johnson on “Producers vs. Parasitic Non-Producers”


Anonymous said...

What's striking to me in this piece is the background--of the American flag casually and disresrectfully propped against a tree, with its hem touching the ground. And don't tell me Johnson is unconcerned with the background in photo or video opportunities. Remember how he ripped down his opponents' campaign signs at the Republican convention?

Anonymous said...

We moved the flag once we became aware it was on the ground, it originally was not. It was not casually done, it was the only place to put it

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