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Saturday, May 01, 2010

Full Disclosure: Congressionals Should Wear NASCAR Style Sponsor Patches

Congressional Democrats are racing to pass new legislation that would force election spending out into the open, where it belongs. The newly unveiled DISCLOSE Act would follow the money and prevent corporations from masking their activity through shadowy front groups. Although just a first step, it appears to be a democratic response in the right direction to the Supreme Court’s recent ruling in Citizens United v. FEC, deeming corporations the same rights as individual citizens.

Democrats hope to pass the legislation before the US Chamber of Commerce and their organized business lobbyists dig in to obstruct the legislation.
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Crooks and Liars Quote:
"In the meantime, maybe we should require politicians to wear the logos of their "sponsors." Hey, if it works for NASCAR, why not Congress." -- J.G.
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Anonymous said...

LOVE the patches idea. Or maybe we can require them to preface every press release and interview with a disclaimer: "This statement paid for by..." OR "This politician is a wholly owned subsidiary of XYZ corporation."

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