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Friday, April 30, 2010

Woodman's Angry Over Radio Jock's Remarks

Earlier in the week, Woodman's Food Markets announced they will no longer co-sponsor a Fourth of July fireworks show in Madison because ...a radio talk show host, John "Sly" Sylvester WTDY-AM (1670), criticized and ridiculed them for dropping mental health care coverage for their employees. Woodman's coincidentally, dropped the mental health coverage soon after employees voted to de-commission union representation.
Wisconsin State Journal Excerpt:
Clint Woodman, vice president of the Janesville-based grocery company, on Wednesday said Mid-West erred in failing to rein in the talk show host.
We can expect plenty more of this kind of pressure from the business establishment to shut down honest opinion and dissent. Particularly against opposition towards the growing trend allowing businesses to extort tax revenue and credits from local and state governments for jobs creation.

To be fair, while on the air last year the radio talker made a personal poke about Phil Woodman's pants wearing style. Yesterday however, Sly stated on his show he will apologize for "Woodman's pants up too tight" comment if necessary, but not about his position or statements he made about Woodman's dropping the insurance coverage.

The feud threatened the fireworks show, but it came out later yesterday that Woodman's has agreed to stay on as a sponsor and that the show will go on.


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