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Thursday, April 22, 2010

Ryan Protege Will Challenge Sheridan

GOP Excerpt:
JANESVILLE, WI – Ken Brotheridge announced his candidacy today for Wisconsin’s 44th State Assembly District, which represents a majority of the city of Janesville. Brotheridge is challenging incumbent Mike Sheridan.
Brotheridge, a self acclaimed staunch fiscal conservative, says that one of his top priorities will be to lower income and capital gains taxes because current state law on capital gains cause families to fall victim...

Of course he has to win in the primary first, but the little fairy sitting on my shoulder tells me that Ken Brotheridge, as predictably generic and self-ingratiating as his press release reads, is the anointed Republican candidate.

Up to this point in time, the local GOP has been coming on strong winning non-partisan offices rather handily without barely a whimper of a response from local Democrats. Of course the GOP has a huge media and messaging advantage in Rock County with Bliss Communications and the largest locally organized political machine in Forward Janesville. They also have some of the area's wealthiest special interests in their corner to buy a viable campaign. Just look at all the damage Paul Ryan has done and he continues to be re-elected. So, I wouldn't take Brotheridge's challenge too lightly here.

While local Dems have either been licking their wounds or walking through smear gauntlets, Republicans seem to be already grooming Ryan's heir to the House when he abandons his throne to run for a vacant senate seat sometime in the not too distant future. His name might be Ken Brotheridge. Again this is all quarter-full political speculation on my part. Just remember you heard it here first.


grumps said...

I'm expecting an announcement in the 80th this week, too. Getting a good Democrat into the race

Democurmudgeon said...

A point made many times by conservative David Frum is never mentioned by these political tax cut cliches, and that is when you're running deficits you can't cut taxes.

If deficits prevent Democrats from spending, the same should be true for tax cuts.

Except making economic common sense is not a GOP strong suit, no matter how much they tell us otherwise.

Lou Kaye said...

With capital gains and other tax cut talk, Brotheridge is clearly speaking to the Janesville establishment base. Just for starters, he'll have to take a position on the $1.5 billion I90 expansion being kicked around and then explain how he intends to pay for it with tax cuts while balancing the budget.

Anonymous said...

Judging by some of the bills Sheridan has been shutting down and others he supports, he might as well run on the republican ticket.

Anonymous said...

On his facebook page.... guess what book is one of his favorites....yup, Atlas Shrugged by Ayn Rand.

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