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Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Ryan Voted "Nay" On Extending Unemployment Comp

Last week, the House passed an emergency bill extending unemployment compensation to June 2nd for 102,000 jobless Wisconsin workers, about 3,000 residing in Rock County alone. As was expected, Reps' Ryan and Sensenbrenner voted against the u-comp extension.
Voting 289 for and 112 against, the House on April 15 sent President Obama a bill (HR 4851) providing about $12 billion to pay for an extension until June 2 of jobless checks for hundreds of thousands of persons whose benefits expired after April 4.
How fitting that just a few days after, the Bliss-owned Janesville Gazette affiliate CSI Walworth County newspaper reeled off an editorial the way they see it titled, The Rise of Moocher Nation.

The next morning, the CSI Walworth County editorial board interviewed Paul Ryan for 28 minutes. If no one knew any better, the folks posing the questions to Ryan could have easily been mistaken for Glenn Beck interns or a vetting panel from the RNC. They lobbed right-wing water-logged softball question after question about his opinion on health care reform, partisanship, President Obama and oh, about whether he will run for president. At this point in time, all useless gobble-dee-gook.

Most noticeably absent, the newspaper's editorial board did not ask Ryan one single question about the state of the 1st congressional district of Wisconsin. Not one. Remember, this is a local newspaper within the district. Most pressing of course are solutions to ease the district's high unemployment. They didn't ask. Ryan didn't offer. Frankly, he has no answers for those problems, but o'boy does he have answers for everything else.

Nor did they inquire about Ryan's position on the local business establishment's push to expand Interstate 39/90 or to explain his recent "Nay" vote on unemployment compensation.

Ryan could have explained not only how proudly he stood against his constituents unemployment compensation as a tough love stand against a "moocher nation," but also how he could use it as a wedge against those unprincipled Democrats who ditched their own PAYGO rules to help a nation of freeloaders. Yep, Ryan wasn't about to abandon his right-wing corporate principles and Randian ideology. For who? His constituents? For Main Street? No way! Didn't you know? Ryan's trying to balance a budget.

If unemployment is one of your concerns, I hope you print this list and save it. Next time your Senator or Representatives are up for re-election, you can refer back to this list and vote appropriately.

Side note: Ryan's responses to the so-called editorial board were a good example demonstrating the growing role reversal and misplaced responsibilities many members of congress have with their constituency. Instead of representing their district's wants and needs in Congress, they are representing their own ideology and the controlling interests in Congress back to their constituency at home.


Anonymous said...

Unemployment in Janesville is over 30%. Nobody is doing anything to change it

Anonymous said...

Amen, this is the first article I have seen regarding the unbelievable right wing control of the sunday/wednesday local shoppers. They make fox news seem like the green party!

Anonymous said...

come join our discussion also, one of the few places in this state where ryan doesnt get a free pass.

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