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Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Feingold Conducts Townhall With Grace

Saw this posted at Illusory Tenant about a Townhall meeting in Ozaukee County hosted by Sen. Russ Feingold. His response to a question about former justice Louis Butler was profoundly constructed.
Illusory Tenant Excerpt:
Feingold: I understand. Now you do know, of course, that the people of this country, when we made this Constitution, which many people [here] have referred to, specifically chose not to have federal judges elected. Now why is that? They decided they wanted a different kind of judiciary that wasn't based on elections. When Louis Butler lost his seat on the Supreme Court — 51-49 — he was not repudiated. He lost to another guy. That doesn't mean he should never be a judge. That doesn't mean he should go to jail or something. The guy barely lost.

[Audience members: But he lost!]

Feingold: But that doesn't mean ... and, by the way, he won in the Western District of Wisconsin. In the area that he would be the judge for, he won.

This is exactly what we need more of from our Democratic leaders.

Townhall meetings have grown hostile and can be intimidating even to the most well-seasoned veterans in the game. Instead of some ideological rant, partisan substitution or go-along politicalese, Feingold's answer was superbly heady, straight forward and non-confrontational. The silence was golden. Way to go, Senator!

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