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Tuesday, November 10, 2009

State Democrats Announce Jobs Program

I have to admit, Democrats came up with some very good ideas for job creation. Aside from increasing tax credits and caps to $8 million for those dirt poor angel investors, the rest of program however is loaded with creative ways to bootstrap the free market without heavy government interference. Particularly with the green retrofitting, education and micro loans sections.
CORE Jobs Act Excerpt:
Our number one priority is to rebuild Wisconsin’s economy, and put our men and women back to work. The Wisconsin C.O.R.E. Jobs Act is a comprehensive economic development package that builds on successful job creation programs and capitalizes on the strengths of our state. C.O.R.E. stands for Connecting Opportunity, Research, and Entrepreneurship; and that’s what the CORE Jobs Act will do.
It certainly beats the state GOP's wealth redistribution program of more tax cuts to the wealthy, deregulation and the basic surrender of government agency and treasury to old money venture capitalists.


Anonymous said...

Whats going on with Sheridan and the WMC? Is he a Dino? Noticed you haven't said much about that.

Lou Kaye said...

No question the tables are tilted. The WMC is now "partnered" with the state supreme court, so the legislature can't be far behind. Since the fall of GM, Sheridan's district has been under seige by the local tools of the WMC looking to capture tax dollars and credits under the guise of a partnership and job creation. Working class taxpayers are going to pay, with or without jobs. Perhaps Sheridan has decided this is a new way of doing business. But I need more evidence before I can label him a DINO.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for your candid response.

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