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Monday, August 24, 2009

Will Fox News Take Down The Obama Presidency?

I had a moment of deja'vu as I watched Jon Stewart from Comedy Central call the hypocrites at Fox News "liberals" since the Fox cranks have repeatedly referred to protesters against the Bush Administration as "liberals" and "loons."

Although in a slightly different context, last year I referred to Fox News as a member of the liberal media and never thought anyone would attempt to tackle that perspective again. Stewart did and ratcheted it up to the next level. He stuck a pitchfork in the eyes of the phonies at Fox.

On a more serious note though, I believe Glenn Beck, Bill O’Reilly, Sean Hannity and Rush Limbaugh along with the rest of the jack wads at Fox News Channel are as serious as a heart attack in their efforts to take down the President. Our country is faced with the prospect that a single cable news channel has thoroughly and effectively neutralized the office of the president by repeatedly and deliberately spreading lies. We should not take this lightly.

I have never before in my lifetime seen such a concerted presentation of political activism from a television station. On the other hand, there is nothing wrong with offering the occasional strong opinion and even mocking legislators and authority, it comes with the territory. It's part of America. Instead, we have a cable news channel that broadcasts 24/7 nothing but malicious lies, half-truths and hatred against our government. Unwilling to give Obama the benefit of the doubt after only six months in office, they regularly describe him as a racist and weak and have demonized nearly every one of his moves as a calculated stroke towards socialism.

Say what you will, but the Left does not have a fully staffed 100 billion dollar 24/7 cable news channel working tirelessly to counter the lies from Fox. As good as Rachel Maddow and Keith Olbermann are, their daily shows don't stand a chance against the Fox smear machine, and any move by the White House against the network would be viewed as an affront to the 1st amendment.

No matter what happens after the dust settles from the health care debate, we will still be left with a powerful cable news channel that truly remains the enemy within. Somehow, "we the people" should not let that stand.


RichE95 said...

I in my lifetime, an America in it's leftime, have seen plenty of what you have failed to see. The remarks by Fox are no different or stronger than those by Olberman etc. There were many more media outlets attacking Bush than those criticizing Obama. It seems to me that your main problem is that people actually watch Fox. Air Amercia shows how talk radio on the left is a flop. Yes, the Obama administrations desire to muzzle Fox would violate the constitution. There is a free market of ideas just like there are free elections in this country. You won the election. Grow up.

Lou Kaye said...

I of course disagree with your assessment on Olbermann, etc. Reporting on and criticizing or protesting Bush and his administration is one thing, but a media network actively participating in an actual drive to create dissent on this scale is another. Shows on the left are a flop because they're hosted by do-gooders, they're boring. Might doesn't make right with us. It's unexciting. Many people still believe in and pretend we're living in John Wayne's country.

That's the problem with some partisans on both sides of the aisles, they think this thing is only about "winning" an election.

Anonymous said...

Obama himself should directly attack Fox news,
just like Bush/Cheney made the NY time their
enemy # 1.
And Obama should not be afraid to name them:
Ex. : Glenn Beck- for his racist commment
Hannity---- For his continued campaign
of misinformation

Mr. president, they DISTRACT and You must RETRACT directly.

Lou Kaye said...

Where is the rest of the media on this? You bring up a great point. Fox News and other outlets had no problem calling out so-called liberal newspapers and news anchors for their "anti-American" reporting during the Bush years, why isn't Fox News called out for their positions? Why are people so afraid?

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