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Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Sanford B2B Is Now Sanford J2M

As reported in the Janesville Gazette, Sanford Corp., the company that owns Parker Pen and other writing-instrument brands, said today it will close its Janesville operation early next year and lay off about 153 workers.
JG Excerpt:
In order to improve efficiencies, Sanford said it will move its manufacturing and distribution operations from Janesville to Mexico. Administrative functions will be shifted to other facilities, but primarily the one in Oak Brook, Ill.
This is the same company that only a few months ago jumped on the Feingold-Ryan line-item veto legislation dubbed the "Janesville Veto" and designed special pens in hopes to gain attention for its lines of premier pens.
JG Excerpt:
April 4,2009 -- In a letter to Feingold and Ryan, Sanford President Bob Stoltz said he hopes the pens can cast some positive attention on Janesville. "As you know, Parker pens started in Janesville over 120 years ago," Stoltz said in the letter. "Under its current iteration as Sanford, we still decorate hundreds of thousands of Parker pens right here in town. "Most of our employees live in or immediately around Janesville, so our local roots run deep."
Not deep enough apparently.

In a broader perspective, Obama voted NO on the Central American Free Trade Agreement (CAFTA) in 2005 and wants to end tax breaks for companies that send jobs out af America. On the campaign trail, he spoke about revising our trade agreements. But then again, he wanted health care reform too.

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