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Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Local Media Delivers More Than A Story For Kohl

After the Janesville Gazette posted this short but potent article prior to Sen. Herb Kohl's lunch time engagement with the Rotary Club at the Rotary Gardens in Janesville, he obviously was treated to a little more than he planned for.
JG Excerpt:
Lorenz said some media outlets and other organizations mistakenly told people that the meeting would be open to the public, and that’s why people showed up expecting to get in.
Hmmm. What media outlet in Janesville would do something like that?

Although the Gazette’s article did not imply the meeting would be open to the general public, they also did not imply that it was closed. Even commenters on the article at the Gazette blog were confused and rightfully upset that the senator might hold a discussion on health care behind closed doors.

Regardless, Kohl caught on and became aware of the odd situation and quickly began taking questions from the audience. The Rotary Club was also gracious enough to grant some limited public access to the event. The Senator reminded folks that he is holding open meetings across the state where anyone can attend.

Clearly, the Janesville Gazette was partially responsible for the disinformation that played a role in helping enflame the passions of residents who rightfully thought for the wrong reasons, that they were being shut out of public discussions on health care reform with their Senator.

This was a classic example on a local scale of how the media played a controlling interest in shaping the tone and outcome of a rather insignificant event.

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