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Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Ryan Unwilling To Engage Evidence For Reform

A letter writer to the Janesville Gazette shared his story when he had the opportunity to ask Rep. Paul Ryan a few questions while attending the Rock county 4-H Fair. The subject was health care.
JG Letter Excerpt:
What kinds of statistics would he need to see, I next asked Ryan, for him to accept that for-profit health care is a disaster and that America should switch to single-payer system like the rest of the world? His matter-of-fact answer: Nothing could make him accept that. Nothing? -- T.B.
The writer went on to accurately describe Ryan's irrational response as the self-denying position of one who adheres to blind faith.

With that, Congressman Ryan has no ground to stand on when he criticizes Obama or Democrats for their seeming unwillingness to compromise with his rigid ideology. Why compromise with someone who has now gone on the record as being immovable? His blind faith is unworkable in today's political environment and a big part of the reason why the country continues to be polarized. Whether if a majority or a minority of his constituents supported a public option or single payer, it would be his duty to engage the evidence and build a framework representative of all of his constituents - not his own or Ayn Rand's. Or get out of the way and vote accordingly.

Paul Ryan was elected by a clear majority in our district, but if he will not do the people's work, he has no business being our congressman.

It should be noted that the subject of Paul Ryan's upcoming "listening sessions" is being publicized as "on health care reform".

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Information on the "single payer" comprehensive health care reform can be found online at: Healthcare NOW!

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