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Monday, August 10, 2009

Jack Booted Thugs Threaten WI Listening Sessions

Racine Post Excerpt:
That last listening session -- the one in Racine -- is featured prominently in a follow-up article on Huffington Post Saturday, and not in a good way. Union officials say the threats they've received "are punctuated by warnings that if organizers were sent to counter-demonstrate at health care town halls, they would be met with violence."
An official with the Service Employees International Union said she had received 50 threatening emails, including the following one, supposedly from a Marine, about Racine's session. (It's been cleaned up for publication.):
Huff Post Excerpt:
You socialist f---s have the nerve to say stop the violence at the town hall meetings when they weren't violent until you p---ies showed up because your n----- leader obama said to?????? When we have ours in Racine, Wi, I want you there. I want one of your little b----- to put his hands on this Marine. I want one of you to look or talk to me wrong. I'll be the last thing your ignorant faux body guards will remember for a very long time. You can f---ing guarantee that.
Town Hall Riots: Right-Wing Shock Troops Do Corporate America's Dirty Work.


RichE95 said...

I love it when the left wing is outraged by having their own tactics turned back on them. When did you speak out when university audiences booed out conservative speakers or threw things at them? How about the President who cut his teeth as a community organizer? There main function was always to disrupt and demonstrate. I remember the peaceniks who spit on soldiers. etc etc etc

Lou Kaye said...

I'm not outraged. Not at all. There is absolutely nothing wrong with community organizing or criticizing someone you don't agree with, even boo'ing them. But when physical violence is threatened or shouting down your opponent, that changes the chemistry of the debate.

There are jack booted thugs on both sides of the aisle.

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