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Tuesday, August 04, 2009

4H Welcomes Hip Hop At The County Fair

A series of excerpts from articles recently published in the Janesville Gazette.
JG Excerpt:
Trouble plagues bars that cater to growing minority population
JANESVILLE — Hip-hop clubs have run into problems with the authorities in Janesville, which raises the question: Can a community accommodate the entertainment desires of a growing minority population without conflict?
JG Excerpt:
Quotes and Corvina's serve energetic, young crowds
Both bars had boisterous, dancing crowds, although Corvina’s had less elbow room and lower lighting, and an edgier, hip-hop-dominated sound boiling from the speakers.

“Nine-tenths of things related to hip-hop culture, sadly, are also related to gang culture,” said Matt Schreier, who runs Looking Glass, another downtown bar.
JG Excerpt:
New, hip act a hit at the Rock County 4-H Fair
Some were mesmerized. Others tapped the tips of their umbrellas to the beat of the music. Some seemed awed.

As hip-hop music blared from the speakers, the dancers took turns performing solo then sometimes together on a 9x6 piece of aluminum flooring.
JG Excerpt:
Republican urges party to welcome outsiders
SAN DIEGO (AP) - Minnesota Gov. Tim Pawlenty on Thursday urged fellow Republicans to welcome outsiders into the party ranks, not scorn them…
Hip hop equals black culture plus Obama times first black president minus republican party divided by race. Got that?

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