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Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Ryan Well Compensated By Big Money

Today's Janesville Gazette contains an article titled,”Ryan’s war chest is practically bursting.” Here are two excerpts.
JG Excerpt:
The campaign reports that 2,620 Wisconsin residents have donated to Ryan’s campaign since Jan.1.
A few paragraphs down…

JG Excerpt:
Ryan’s press release boasts that Wisconsin residents account for 95 percent of his contributors over the past year and that 82 percent of his donors since the beginning of this year gave $100 or less.
Okay. Let’s assume they gave exactly $100 each. 82 percent of 2,620 comes out to 2,148 contributors donating $214,800. Subtract that from $1.28 million and that leaves 472 that gave slightly over $1 million. Only 17% of the $1.28m came from regular folks ($100 or less). Who do you think Ryan works for? Click here to find out.

Detailed financial report here.

Article not available on Web at posting time.

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