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Friday, July 17, 2009

Racine Health Care Community Invites Ryan To Forum

During a listening session in Racine six months ago, a Community for Change member described a non‐partisan health care event being planned for Racine in the summer and asked Rep. Paul Ryan if he would attend. The response from Ryan was a form letter stating prior commitments and eventually it turned out there were no convenient times in July or early August for the congressman to attend. In disappointment, the group posted an open letter to Ryan at the Racine Post.
Racine Post Excerpt: (July 15, 2009)
Our pursuit of your presence stems from your appearances on national media discussing the Independent Health Record Trust Act, however, virtually no time in Wisconsin to talk locally about these issues. There is no better opportunity for you to learn and listen to the people in your district than by attending our forum on July 26, 2009 from 1 to 4pm at the Racine Masonic Center, 1012 Main Street.
Two weeks ago, Wisconsin health care advocate Paulette Garin held two informational events here in the congressional district's western front. About the closest Janesville ever came to having the honor of Ryan's presence in a health care discussion was when his local surrogate, the Janesville Gazette, injected Ryan's personal health care talking points into an announcement article for Garin's public engagements. That's about the extent of the debate!

How Paul Ryan can occupy our district's house chair and ignore the health care positions of his constituents is something only he can explain.

The best advice I can offer to the folks in Racine holding the health care forum is this: Have a cushioned chair, a jug of bottled water and a large table placard ready with Rep. Paul Ryan's name on it. You never know when he might show up - keep the cameras rolling.

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