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Monday, April 20, 2009

Corporatism Taking The Wind Out Of Localism

Folks in Union Township are rightfully upset over the idea of the state taking away their ability to write and control ordinances to regulate wind energy within their township boundaries.
JG Excerpt:
But proponents of the bill say it would allow “stalled” wind projects to get moving across the state, creating jobs and increasing renewable energy. “The major challenge we face is inconsistency in ordinances across the state,” said Ben Schicker, director of marketing for EcoEnergy, a wind developer proposing projects in Rock County.
If that doesn't sound like the same rhetoric politicians and corporatists used when AT&T's greased Video Competition Act pushed its way through the Wisconsin state legislature. Like the Video Act, the proposed state wind energy legislation would disable local authority from exercising their own prerogative and instead transfer developmental control to a state-run bureaucracy.
JG Excerpt:
Rep. Brett Davis, R-Oregon, worked with the town of Union during its ordinance-writing process and plans to oppose the legislation if it goes through as written. The missing element, he said, is respect for decisions already made by local governments.
Where was this element of respect for local authority when Davis voted to pass AB207 (Video Competition Act)?

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