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Saturday, March 29, 2008

Newspaper's Loophole Endorsement A Phony

How many newspaper editorial endorsements have you seen for a candidate which offer the reader reasons to choose the "other" candidate? The Janesville Gazette editorial staff's phony endorsement for Supreme Court Justice Louis Butler does just that.
JG Editorial Excerpt:
If you still think Butler has tilted the supposedly nonpartisan court too far left, to the detriment of our business climate, vote for Gableman.
This coming in a editorial endorsement for Butler!! I can't imagine a newspaper endorsement ending with, "we like Clinton, but if you don't, you can vote for McCain."

But that alone wasn't the clincher. This endorsement, written by a corporate majority WMC-led (for balance?) editorial staff was loaded with innuendoes and was sure to remind everyone that Butler is a Doyle appointment and a black man, while offering no such historical equivalent on Gableman.

This "loophole" endorsement was just the opposite of their "disendorsement editorial of candidates for Supreme Court last time. Here, the newspaper painted the unethical Ziegler as a possible victim of dirty politics and the clean-record Clifford as too liberal, yet warning the voter of the ill consequences for Wisconsin if they choose Clifford - so the Gazette without mention, defaults to Ziegler while one.

Friday, March 28, 2008

Rip Rap

Corporate taxes not only burden paid by workers, consumers

Two writers of a Chicago Tribune commentary article answer the question, “Who really pays for health care?”
Tribune Excerpt:
Business, government and individuals do not share the financial responsibility for health coverage. Individuals bear the full cost of health care through lower wages and taxes.
The writers then proceed to single out only employers from this social burden.
Tribune Excerpt:
We need to rewrite the social contract in America. We need to get employers out of providing health care.
First they tell us, regardless of what we might think, individuals pay the full cost of health insurance right now. Fair enough but then, in order to solve the health care crisis, they explain individuals must pay the full cost of health insurance..... but first remove employers from the burden - a burden that they say actually doesn’t exist. Please.... somebody keep Victor and Zeke away from a keyboard.

Clinton's Memory Just As Sharp

The GOP publisher and media base have been having a field day with Hillary Clinton’s recollection of events in Bosnia from 12 years ago. But what is so different from that now than when Bush or McCain fly into Iraq under the cloak of night, wear bullet-proof vests and helmets and walk the streets of Baghdad with a security escort armed to the teeth, and never once coming under direct fire. Is the danger any less?

Flip-Flopping McCain

Here he goes again. After talking like a war crazy loon for the past five years, McCain suddenly wants to sound half-way normal. This guy is incompetent in different ways than George W. Bush ever was. McCain’s got an excuse.

Obama Girl Farce

Now that Obama supporters think the Obama Girl is detrimental to his presidential campaign, she's now called a GOP tool and a farce

Hey, I could've said this
"Republicans believe in the free market for profit,
but they're Socialists when it comes to losses."
-- Bill Maher

Always Read and Understand The Side Effects Before Administering

Sick Child Under Prayer Medication Dies

"We are remaining strong for our children," she said. "Only our faith in God is giving us strength at this time."
What a sad story. Even worse is to believe so strongly as to allow yourself no choices in life because you believe it's all in God's hands. Hopefully, God will be listening this time when they pray not to be arrested.

At the time, if this couple was praying with their TV set while watching the 700 Club, could Pat Robertson be held as an accomplice?

Military Tells Bush Of Troop Strains.
Can’t you just picture Dick Cheney just saying “So?”

Bush, Clinton, Bush, Clinton
Washington Post:
I am very loyal to the Clintons," said Richardson, but he said he wanted something beyond "Bush, Clinton, Bush, Clinton."
“I’m not going to get in the gutter like that, and that’s symbolic of many of the people around Sen. Clinton. They think they’re entitled to the presidency,” said Richardson. “It shouldn’t just be Bush-Clinton, Bush-Clinton, you know, what about the rest of us...
Supporters of Barack Obama’s have had their own battles to deal with when it comes to stigmatizing names. Hopefully someone will clue Richardson in that there IS NOTHING in a name.

Bottom Line: I will defend and support the Demo candidate for president, no matter who it is. Question for my fellow democrats is – will you?

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Plant Given Special Status By Local Media?

The front-page headline and story of Sunday’s Janesville Gazette was just another fine misrepresentation in the long history of this newspaper. The headline title itself “Ethanol Fueling A Fight” at first grabs the reader's attention to believe that it’s the alcohol fuel that is drawing the opposition to the nuisance production plant.

The subject of the story is the new United Ethanol plant in Milton, although I’m not too sure about that considering the newspaper did not include the facility's location address. What the newspaper did include were the full names and addresses of the nine household complainants who live near to the nuisance and potential health threat. That part was fairly clear. The newspaper also created an overhead map of the nuisance area and placed numbered buttons for each complainant location corresponding to their identification while merely showing a word-cloud and arrow for the approximate location of the plant. In addition, the newspaper titled the list of complainant names and addresses as “These are the homes of ethanol neighbors who are angry about the plant.”

Besides not offering the mailing address of the plant, the newspaper did not publish the plant manager’s name or address. Nor did the newspaper publish any other names or contact information of the plant's owner, United Ethanol or United Cooperative. Now, I understand that if we only print “North Pole” on an envelope in December, a Santa Claus somewhere just might get it someday, but considering this newspaper has a habit of publicly humiliating private citizens with their name, rank and photo sometimes for minor interactions with authorities, the double standard here is just too much to bear.

The newspaper did quote the spokesperson for United Cooperative several times and gave her name, but the executive capacity and responsibility was obviously non-existent and truth be known, spokespeople generally specialize in pacification only.

The non-compliant ethanol plant could have just as easily been a plastic's factory, a pig farm or a crack-house, and the subject of this article should not have been given the protective status as if to be the wrongfully accused.

The people responsible for business and corporate actions that don’t pass the sniff test or draw public scrutiny must not be allowed to hide behind a faceless entity. And newspapers shouldn’t stretch the actions of complainants into a nuisance.

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Newspaper Ponders Value And Use Of County Land

Monday’s Janesville Gazette front-page headline story Is it a goldmine or a fairgrounds? seems to be a story created out of spite. Here, the newspaper once again puts the county owned land at Highways 14 and 51 AND the county board into their cross hairs.

As you may recall, in a land swap from just over a year ago and receiving heavy Gazette pressure to consummate the deal, county board supervisors showed great judgement for rejecting the unsolicited offer to sell the land to a group of wealthy buyers. This one decision by the board ended up not only saving the appreciating land for the county's future, but may have saved the taxpayers potentially up to $50 million in extraneous expenses leading from the logistics fall-out of the complicated land swap/sale.

In another supporting article regarding the newspaper's interest in this land, the Gazette reports moving the Rock County Fairgrounds is low on the list of county priorities. Which leads to the question: Then who is so concerned to prompt the Janesville Gazette into giving this non-issue the front-page headline priority of breaking news?

The buyers in the original deal labeled some of money ($7 million) they offered for the land as a gift and implied that the stadium/fairgrounds deal was nothing more than their chance to leave a legacy for the good people of Rock County. Why hasn't the Gazette pursued the legacy promises from the wealthy area businessmen? Certainly, these wealthy individuals chance to leave a legacy wasn't based on some petty land swap opportunity? Or was it?

Saturday, March 22, 2008

If Green Is Gold - Sidewalks Are Platinum

It’s not about the Concrete – It’s the Concept

Although nearly 70% of Janesville has sidewalks, many residents, usually the one's without them, still seem fiercely opposed to installing them along the frontage of their property. A commenter on this blog pointed out that one of the Janesville city council candidates thought the best way to go environmentally "green" was without sidewalks. During the city council candidate forum on JA-TV12, the candidate mentioned that because sidewalks are impervious to water, they are detrimental to the environment.

Sidewalks in most cities including Janesville are concrete. The footprint they exert on the environment is small when compared to your average driveway or house. A 3 foot wide sidewalk 70 ft long adds up to 210 Sq. Ft., about the size of the average bedroom. While the average driveway is usually about 18 feet wide and 40 feet long, adding to 720 Sq.Ft. I would agree that the worst aspect of sidewalks is that they are made of concrete. But when we’re talking about sidewalks – it’s not about the concrete, it’s the concept.

Once you get past the concrete, sidewalks offer much more to adding to the quality of the human environment than can be adequately described here on a blog page. Using sidewalks might actually cut down on diabetes, obesity and other physical ailments caused by a sedentary lifestyle. A nice smooth sidewalk encourages people to walk instead of drive, cutting down on greenhouse gases and other nasty cancerous pollutants. Sidewalks also add to uplifting the outdoor “people” experience.

Here is an interesting blog with some discussion about why sidewalks are not green from Oshkosh, Wisconsin. The blog author makes his case against sidewalks using a NY Times article. Unfortunately, the article only makes a fairly good case against concrete, not sidewalks.

Regardless of the material, to rail against the practical function of a smooth flat surface to comfortably and safely walk on is a difficult argument to say the least. Obviously there’s something more personally selfish involved here, be it either money or psychological.

Those who want to put “NO” sidewalks on the coattails of going green are barking up the wrong tree. On the other hand, if they are truly serious about the effects concrete has on the environment, they would press the city for a recycled material instead, and one that allows for the passing of water. Be prepared though, the costs will be higher than a concrete sidewalk. Maintenance will be more expensive too. But that shouldn’t stop them since it’s the environment they want to protect. Right?

News2Go Blog: Sidewalk discussion

Friday, March 21, 2008

Rip Rap

Three Bickering Parties?
Hagel: U.S. needs third party
"In the current impasse, an independent candidate for the presidency, or a bipartisan unity ticket ... could be appealing to Americans," Hagel writes
A bipartisan unity ticket is not enough to create a third party. At least one-third of all Republicans and one-third of all Democrats in Congress would have to unite together to create a durable third party. Otherwise you’re wasting time and drawing votes away from the moderate candidate. Unfortunately, a third party will more likely just add another party to the political divisions, instead of being the unifying force they intend. End the partisan bickering – Vote Democratic.
Jeremiah Wright Clinton's Fault
Chicago Tribune Excerpt:
It is about the fact that Wright cursed the United States and blasphemed from the pulpit. It is about the fact that videos of Wright's comments are circulated endlessly on the Internet, no doubt to the delight of Bill and Hillary Clinton. -- John Kass, Tribune writer
No doubt - eh? One way or another, Kass just had to tie the Clintons in on this one.

No matter what Obama said during his speech, there was just no way he could have satisfied the GOP publisher and media base of mainstream America. I'm finally convinced, Obama clearly has the well-educated, independent thinkers and other inherently smart individuals on his side. Just like they been saying all along.

10 Ideas that are changing the world
Of course that doesn’t necessarily mean changing the world for the better.

The Fed - Started The Process All Over again
CNN Money:
Yes, the central bank delivered another big rate cut. But it may also be getting ready to stop cutting rates so it can fight inflation and the weak dollar.
Wait a second. The Fed cutting interest rates is akin to deliberately breaking open a dam and flooding the city to fix the drought. Now they want to start pumping the water out of the basements?

Arctic Icecap Dumped In Janesville, Wisconsin
Yahoo! Excerpt:
WASHINGTON (Reuters) - The thickest, oldest and toughest sea ice around the North Pole is melting, a bad sign for the future of the Arctic ice cap, NASA satellite data showed on Tuesday.
So THAT”S what was dumped on the mid-west over the past three months. Combine that with the consistent cold without any let-up and I would swear Wisconsin is now the new top of the planet. The ice cap is just being re-distributed around the world though evaporation and precipitation. I'm surprised they haven't dubbed this "climate socialism." Inconvenient Truth No.1 or No.2 - The precursor to the hoax is heavy precipitation.

Zogby Poll:
McCain Bests Both Obama, Clinton in 3-Way General Election Tests.

But how well will McCain do in a 2-way General Election poll?

Where Is Grandpa?

McCain was in the middle-east exercising his strong communication skills on national security by mixing up Shi-ites with Sunni's and Iran with Al-Qaeda.
Time Excerpt:
Asked about his Jordan gaffe, the senator laughed without evident humor. "We all misspeak from time to time and I immediately corrected it," he replied. "Just as Senator Obama said he was looking forward to meeting the president of Canada, we all misspeak from time to time. So we'll just move on."

But how many wars will Clinton or Obama start with episodes of pre-senile dementia? This is no laughing matter. McCain has recently shown the same signs of the confusion, repetition and malaise my grandmother had.

Only 95 Years To Go!

Bush: Iraq War Must Go On

War Is Over - Bring Victorious Troops Home Now

Time Excerpt:
Looking back, Bush said, "Five years into this battle, there is an understandable debate over whether the war was worth fighting ... whether the fight is worth winning ... and whether we can win it. The answers are clear to me: Removing Saddam Hussein from power was the right decision and this is a fight America can and must win."
Apparently, Saddam Hussein is still haunting Bush and denying him his victory.
"The successes we are seeing in Iraq are undeniable, yet some in Washington still call for retreat," the president said. "War critics can no longer credibly argue that we are losing in Iraq, so now they argue the war costs too much. In recent months, we have heard exaggerated estimates of the costs of this war.
George W. Bush and his enablers will never, ever understand that no matter what success or “victories” happen in Iraq, that even if Al-Qaeda disappeared from the face of the Earth, or if Iraq became the 51th state of the union, that this was an aggressive military incursion into a sovereign country innocent of the WMD and terror connections it was accused of, and it’s people and their cultural allies will forever remember this as an invasion and threat to their very existence. It will remain a blemish in American history and fuel opponents of imperialism for decades to come.

Dictator Bush?
Bush Visit Excerpt:
And so those are some of the facts -- and plus it's easy politics. It's easy to go around and hammer away on trade. It's -- and I guess if you're the kind of person that followed polls and focus groups, that's what your tendency to be. I'm the kind of person who doesn't give a darn about polls and focus groups, and I do what I think is right. – George W. Bush, Economic Club Of New York
In America, we call the person who doesn’t give a damn about the opinions and ideas of others, “Mister President.” If someone like say, Hugo Chavez, comes out and says the same “I do what I think is right,” he’s called a hateful and vicious thug dictator.

Cheney's Energy Task Force Going Global

Cheney, Saudi's Talk Free Market Principles

Why is it okay for American capitalists to charge whatever the market will bear for health care services and pharmaceuticals, oftentimes resulting in the confiscation of entire paychecks and life savings? But not okay for Arabs to accept whatever the market will bear for their oil?

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Janesville Education Association Endorse Two Candidates

On April 1st, Janesville school district residents will choose three people from five candidates running for the Janesville School Board.

After some interviews, the JEA found two of the candidates meeting their expectations for the board.
JG Newspaper Excerpt:
The Janesville Education Association is endorsing incumbent Kevin Murray and newcomer Peggy Sheridan for the Janesville School Board.
The two choices of the JEA are excellent, at least in my humble view.

The teacher’s association apparently left the recommendation open for the voters on the other three candidates, Tom Lemmer, Peter D. Severson and Bill Sodemann. During last year’s board election, I supported Severson for his general enthusiasm and concern over the student expulsion rate. He failed to make the board.

Although the incumbent Sodemann was the only board member (in my view) to get the $70.8 million school expansion referendum right, he seems to have forgotten those fine principles of democracy since then, and probably would be better serving as a bankruptcy liquidator for the Federal Reserve, no pun intended. The only saving grace with Sodemann unlike some of the others, I have to admit, is that you see what you get. Unfortunately, education in Janesville hasn’t been "getting" lately from the current school board of which he has been a core member.

Tom Lemmer on the other hand, seems like a nice guy who just wants to help the Janesville community any way he can. If he doesn't make the board, it won't be any slight to him. Although only five candidates for three posts (two incumbents), the competition is very strong.

So of the remaining three, I asked myself which one would strongly advocate a public school education? Which one would make the best sale's pitch to new parents who will be enrolling their child in school for the very first time to convince them that a public school education is better than any alternatives? None would probably do well with that question but through process of elimination, I find myself gravitating towards Severson – again. Based on that alone, he's my third choice.

This blog endorsement for Peter D. Severson as the third choice for the Janesville School Board is not in collaboration or affiliated with the JEA.

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Democracy Weakened Whether WMC Wins Or Loses

Today for the first time (where have I been, right?) I saw the television campaign ad attacking Louis Butler for Wisconsin State Supreme Court Judge. The ad, as you probably know, attacked the former Public Defender for simply doing his job – public defending. But I readily became aware that the ad was also a tasteless joke mocking the intelligence of the Wisconsin voter after I read the disclosure at the bottom. Right away I thought here we have an organization (WMC) smearing an attorney for defending his client to the best of his ability, while previously, the same organization supported a judge (Ziegler) for defending her client to the best of her ability. The only major difference here of course is, Judge Ziegler was NOT defending the People she was sworn to defend, but instead was defending a undisclosed private client.

Why the radically wrong WMC still has any credibility is anyone's guess, but those are the kind of candidates they want and continue to support. By the way, when you see those words (Paid for by WMC) at the bottom of your TV screen or in a newspaper ad, you can’t say you haven’t been forewarned.

Now, I’m not saying the WMC hold secret meetings every week conspiring to take over the world or your town. But what I am about to share is my view of the WMC, which is a self-appointed illegitimate arm of GOP club-for-growth types and other right-wing zealots who support corporate-owned candidates for government, local or otherwise. They will drive a campaign between two seemingly non-partisan candidates to the depths of mutual assured destruction, not just destroying the reputations of the candidates, but to actually make their case so cock-eyed and deliberately wrong as to draw attention to what may very well be their ultimate goal – appointments.

No doubt, there is a state-wide drive to centralize and downsize local government and turn as many democratically elected offices into appointed positions. It is obviously much easier and less costly to influence the appointment process with a sleeper cell or two than it is to accomplish their goals by depending on the whim of the voters. The WMC has enough members in communities throughout the state of Wisconsin that one way or another, they will have at least one member or supporter embedded on any local board or committee drawn up to oversee these appointments. I believe the WMC and its affiliates are responsible for much of the local activism pressing for limiting the role of not only city and county governments, including the State Supreme Court, but to also cut off the power of democracy right at the ballot box.

So, under the veil of political campaign ads that fall just a smidgen short of full-blown personal libel law-suits, the WMC have discovered the formula to accomplish this goal. You won’t read about any of this in their mission statements (OneWisconsin Link), but they can’t lose because if their corporate-owned candidate wins the office, they win. And if their corporate-owned candidate loses, well, the belligerent WMC (remember, this is a chamber of commerce!!) knows they have taken the political process one more step further down a gutter so petulant and intolerable that both the Right, Left and anybody in between will beg for appointments. WMC influenced editorials will pop up in your town’s newspapers tearing down the partisan bickering and negative ads of political campaigns they themselves have manufactured.

To this, the WMC will celebrate with cases of Dom Perignon below a George W. Bush autographed banner of “Mission Accomplished.”

The WMC, their tactics and mission, should be denounced by the Wisconsin state legislature, and they should not be given the podium at the State Capital to spread their anti-democracy gospel to a captive audience of the people, for the people, or paid by the people.

Monday, March 17, 2008

Minimal Government Asking For Maximum Help

The Sunday Janesville Gazette reports that the Janesville City Council will be asking for citizen input this time around when they decide to pick a job applicant to manage city affairs. The current manager, Steve Sheiffer has announced his retirement beginning sometime this fall. The council will give residents one opportunity on April 2nd to tell the administration what they would like to see in a new city manager.
JG Newspaper Excerpt:
Two sitting council members – Russ Steeber and Bill Truman – said they would not favor additional involvement.
I may not agree with their reasons as to why, but I certainly agree with that position. Part of the major problem I believe that faces the city council on nearly every issue requiring a responsible decision is the uncertainty surrounding the leadership vacuum this form of manager/at-large council government brings.

As much as I am vehemently against this form of city government, it is what it is. And trying to turn it into something it isn’t by requesting extensive resident input on issues such as hiring a new manager is either nothing more than an attempt to pacify a minority of democracy promoters(including myself) or create a larger pool of stake-holders to endorse this increasingly difficult decision. Under different circumstances, this request might lead to a new beginning, but unfortunately, the rules are set, consultants are hired, qualifications have been pre-determined and the added suggestions and great but useless ideas will come from those who don’t grasp the system or the task. We must remember, Janesville’s style of city government with manager-only guidance and a seven member at-large council is about as minimalist as you can get, and still get away calling yourself a democracy. Much like other issues that have gone unresolved for decades, heavy citizen participation or influence won’t help a city council make the decision. It may in fact make matters worse, as it has done in the past. Again, I’m not blaming individuals in city government, but I do blame them for letting this folly continue.

I can’t believe that from a city of over 60,000 people, we don’t have local home-grown smart individuals capable of balancing a budget. But here’s a suggestion. The city council should adopt new rules placing residency high, and disqualify all out-of-state applicants for vacant top positions. In fact, the only qualification necessary for the job should be the applicant must be a product of Wisconsin schools and a current resident. It makes no sense searching nation-wide for this position and doing so creates animosity and puts a new manager at a tremendous disadvantage not of their own doing. It’s unfair to the candidate – and it’s unfair to Janesville.

Friday, March 14, 2008

Rip Rap

Headlines: Senate Buys Extended Tax Cut Idea

Title says one thing, article says the opposite.
Time/CNN Excerpt:
The chamber voted 52-47 to reject a move by Sen. Lindsay Graham, R-S.C., to extend Bush's tax cuts for middle- and higher-income taxpayers, investors and people inheriting businesses and big estates.
In today’s backward journalism, “reject” must mean accept.

Obama Not Qualified For VP
Politico Excerpt:
"In 1992, Bill Clinton said that it was most important that his choice for VP
be ready to step into his shoes if he fell the first week he was in office.
So, if I'm not qualified to be president, how am I qualified to be Vice President?"
-- Barack Obama, talking himself out of the VP job.

No matter what happens, the two democrats running for president are far better than anything the GOP has to offer and I will support whoever is the democratic nominee. But how in the world did we end up with these three (McCain, Hillary and Obama) as the best candidates America has to offer?

Obama Girl Has A Thing For Barack, But Votes For Hillary

Amber Lee Ettinger, better known as The Obama Girl, tells Stepping Out Magazine that she is voting for Hillary. In an interview she stated, “I have to say I’m very impressed with Hillary Clinton.

Gov. Spitzer Is A Lousy Husband

It’s not like he took liberties with a teenage boy, or solicited for sex in a public bathroom, nor did he attempt to cheat the prostitute out of her earnings or exchange political influence for sex with a lobbyist. Nope, this married man and hypocrite had sex with a consenting adult of the opposite sex!! – and paid for it with cash!! Obviously, Gov. Spitzer is not a Republican.

Behind every great man is a lousy wife?
Gender Equality
Gone are the days of the stay-at-home political mom-wives in their good cloth coats. Now we have equality, lucky us, which seems to translate into forcing successful, and often beautiful, wronged political spouses with careers of their own into helping their husbands parade their sins.
Professionals like the certifiable Dr. Laura said Spitzer’s wife is a lousy wife for not giving him the attention he needs. I guess this makes Monica Lewinsky Hillary’s fault. Don’t women know their place is either in the bedroom or the kitchen??

I apologize for including Dr. Laura in my blog. I hope to never do it again.

Fed Still Trying to Get That $300,000 house worth the $425,000 the bankers assured the buyers it was worth three years ago.

Fed Pumps In $200 Billion To Induce Inflation.

The Politics Of Mutual Denunciation
"If Obama was a white man, he would not be in this position.
And if he was a woman (of any color) he would not be in this position.
He happens to be very lucky to be who he is. And the country is caught up in the concept." – Geraldine Ferraro
Why would Obama ask Clinton to denounce Ferraro? In Mississippi, blacks voted 90/10 for Obama while whites voted 70/30 for Clinton. I don't completely agree with Ferraro's observation but facts shouldn’t be denied, although racism almost certainly is. The only part I can agree with Ferraro is, “the country is caught up in the concept” part.

The Back-Fire Politics Of Reverse Racial Sensitivity

I just made up the above title. Don't know exactly what it means, but it sounds like whatever Obama is doing. Does Barack Obama’s theme of change and putting an end to partisan bickering include Hillary Clinton?

Clinton Traitor - apologizing for peace and prosperity

Despite Supply Glut Bush tells OPEC to Produce more, while OPEC prefers “free market" price controls.
OPEC president, Algerian Oil Minister Chakib Khelil, said on Tuesday that he would prefer the cartel to cut its production, joining other price hawks in the group, Venezuela and Iran.

Will any attempt to marginalize Obama be viewed as racially motivated? People (voters) are searching for something, whether it be political, spiritual, or an answer to their questions…..and in Obama, many people believe they found it.

But are remarks about the racial condition, perspective and bias in America – racist remarks?

W: The Fed's Worst Nightmare
CNN Money Excerpt:
A quick fix for the economy is not what's needed. The Fed has to ensure that its actions don't lead to the type of double-dip, or W-shaped recession, that some economists and market strategists are now talking about.
Some call it a W recession. I put a more positive spin on it and prefer "Peak Bush."

Janesville Teachers Beaten Into Submission

Now that the Janesville teacher's union leadership accepted a tentative agreement with the Janesville School Taxpayer Board, it should become more clear as to what really was at play here.
JG Excerpt:
While negotiations have been behind closed doors, teachers have been applying public pressure for months.
...and lost.

True, but not until after the Janesville Gazette propaganda machine pummeled the teachers with anonymous sources in their weekly "news" articles, fabricated fictional characters to do their editorial anti-union and anti-benefits talking for them, and generally just knocked the snot out of any public support the teachers did have. The Gazette did this for nearly two years!! There was just no way the teachers union or any community organization could overcome such repeatedly negative and adverse publicity. The teachers finally woke up and began to protest the misinformation directed their way with pickets and a Web Site only a couple of months ago, but the damage has already been done.

This should be another bitter lesson in a long line of bitter lessons for everyone in Janesville including the entire Rock County area. Next on the Gazette's hit list will probably be the Rock County Board. The newspaper has been dropping test-bombs for downsizing representation and centralizing local power once again, after being oddly quiet on the subject for the past year.

If you think this is all joke, it probably is. So long as we understand, the jokes gonna be on us. The Gazette is playing for keeps.

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Is Warrantless Entry The Goal Of Nuisance Law Expansion?

It wasn’t enough that the City Of Janesville enacted an ordinance that leaves law-abiding property owners and landlords responsible for the criminal behavior, noises and nuisances of their tenants. Now they’ve directed their attention at the landlords themselves, which actually has a little more merit because at least they might be punished or fined for things they ARE responsible for - themselves. But that shouldn't mean the City of Janeville should have the power to circumvent basic constitutional privacy and ownership rights of property owners, tenants and their landlords. And that seems exactly where the city is headed with this passage from the Gazette.
JG Excerpt:
Allow the city to take care of the problems—remove the trash and debris, for instance—if the property owner doesn’t and then bill the owner. The city currently has such an ordinance that covers grass cutting, snow and weed removal.
Just how far will the city go into a property or home to enforce such discretionary rules as to clean up debris? Talk about Big Government. This is scary. The main issue of this article also harkens back to a December city council meeting where city staff felt the legal language in some ordinances needed improvement.
Big Brother Code Enforcement Excerpt:
”……to have the ability to go onto private property….without going through the court system. That’s our current practice…to get an injunction.” – Janesville City Staff
Of course that is what they want - to go into any property without an injunction for being guilty of nothing more than that "lived-in look."

If you believe the city is going through all this time, energy and trouble just to clean up a few dirty houses, you're dreaming. Now, three months later, they found a way to improve the legal language in their current nuisance law in what appears to be a go-around of traditional court procedures and decided this time to call it an "expansion." And they have a pliant city council to rubber stamp it. That's the bottom line.

Monday, March 10, 2008

Class Warfare A Deadly Sin?

The Vatican updated its list of the Seven Deadly Sins; Genetic manipulation, environmental pollution, mind-altering drugs and abortion are now identified as crimes against the laws of God and the Church. But this next one could pose a problem for nearly everyone, particularly the accuser.
JG Excerpt:
"The poor are always becoming poorer and the rich ever more rich, feeding unsustainable social injustice," Girotti said in the interview published Sunday.
If that ain’t class warfare, I’ll be a monkey’s uncle. But since the Republican base has said it’s class warfare to identify the social injustices between the rich and the poor as “class warfare" - is it a deadly sin just talking about it?
Bush Blames Capitalism For Oil PricesThe President recently urged OPEC to increase production in order to ease soaring gasoline prices.

Saturday, March 08, 2008

Would It Matter If Troha Got His Casino?

The Janesville Gazette posted a shortened version of the AP article about the probation sentence ordered against trucking tycoon Dennis Troha, on page 7A in Saturday's edition. Only the Democratic Party, Bush and Doyle were named in the summarized front-page Gazette side bar. It should be remembered that with the exception of Rep. Paul Ryan, a Republican, no other politicians were mentioned by name in the original indictment against Troha last year. Oddly, the AP, along with the Janesville Gazette apparently have no qualms about repeatedly headlining the Democratic Party, Bush and Gov. Jim Doyle with this particular scandal.

So, as long as the media continues to turn the Troha illegal donations scandal into a pay-for-play with democrats like Doyle, would it have mattered if Troha got his Kenosha casino? Doyle could easily defend this outrage by just saying he was performing a routine and appropriate constituent service by helping a businessman in his state. Why not? Its worked for others.
You can read the entire AP article here.

Elect GOP candidates - Terrorists Win!

I don't believe it of course, but historians and pundits alike could find plenty of evidence than just predicating it on someone's middle name.
CNN Ticker Excerpt:
DES MOINES, Iowa (AP) — An Iowa Republican congressman said Friday that terrorists would be "dancing in the streets" if Democratic candidate Barack Obama were to win the presidency.
So I thought - which candidate would increase the risk to our troops? One that wants to declare victory and bring them home - or one that sings about bombing more countries just "to add a little humor"

Thursday, March 06, 2008

Newspaper Uncovers Dirt On City Council Candidate

One of the top primary vote-getters running for Janesville City Council received the welcome wagon today.

Janesville Council Candidate CONVICTED!! of three misdemeanors.
JG Excerpt:
O’Brien was: -- Convicted of disorderly conduct in 1999 after an incident at the Dart Inn. -- Convicted of disorderly conduct in 1996 after a confrontation with her ex-boyfriend in Traxler Park. -- Convicted of battery in 1994 after a fight with a woman in Beloit.


McCain, Obama Represent The Center?

Probably the best editorial I’ve seen yet accidentally explaining why America’s choices for the next president may possibly be either the right-leaning liberal democrat Barack Obama or the left-leaning liberal Republican John McCain. They're moderates!
Editorial Excerpt: The other is that many Americans are frustrated by the two major parties, believing Democrats are captives of the Far Left and Republicans are equally bound to the Far Right. Most Americans fall somewhere in the middle of that. Where are they supposed to go, if they believe neither Democrats nor Republicans really represent them?
But if MOST Americans fall in the middle and gravitate towards the center (moderates), does that explain McCain's or Obama's popularity? Perhaps it does. What else can explain their appeal? Both candidates are accused of capitulating towards the other side. I don't know of too many bloggers who think Obama is a social conservative, relatively speaking, but I do. Seriously, Obama is the social conservative the Republicans wish McCain was. Sure, he's liberal, but so is McCain.

McCain's and Obama's political commonalities and similar styles are too much to ignore and relatively speaking, both are equally misunderstood by their own supporters. So the "extremist" out of the group, if we can believe all else, is Hillary Clinton. Who is actually considered the status quo and the more moderate candidate of the other two. Go figure.
Editorial Excerpt:
There's a reason “independents” are the fastest-growing cohort of the electorate. Millions of people are thoroughly disgusted with the two major parties and the endless partisan bickering, which seems to stalemate real solutions to the nation's pressing problems. The ideologues do not want to act; they want to fight.
I haven't bought into the independent idea that, with either party we lose. That somehow a third party would give us some sort of victory and end the so-called bickering. To the contrary, it may just give us another ideologue to bicker with.

Some People Will Always Remain Backwards

I get a big kick out of hearing Faux News commentators brag that unlike Democrats, the Republicans are settled on their nominee and have a big "jump" on the democrats because they are undecided. Too funny.
McCain's people and the RNC have to split their resources and prepare for both, Clinton and/or Obama. The Democratic Party doesn't need eight months to unify. It’s too bad the DNC can’t keep this on till September. Big Advantage: Democrats

Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Tax Cuts Hurt America!

"The government needs to cut it's spending."

False. If you face a depression the state has to spend even more to stimulate the demand. Hence, the government sponsored, Bush approved "Stimulus Plan"

One reality I keep seeing through my own postings and observations is that the so-called tax cuts at the Federal level feed the GOP's mantra to reduce domestic spending. When they reduce these "programs," Washington then shifts the burden onto the states and locals who in turn respond by raising fee's, tolls, sales and property taxes to maintain those services. The majority of communities cannot afford to pay the infrastructure or bureaucratic costs on their own, so now we have new GOP slogans such as "pull yourself up by your own bootstraps" or "do something and take responsibility."

So I believe that the promised tax cut policies of election year GOP candidates at the Federal level will guarantee the democratic response at the local levels to raise taxes. It's a perfect crime because after all, who wants higher taxes?
I'm a little surprised the producer of the film didn't touch on this as to why tax cuts hurt America, as he stayed on the global aspects, but it's a very good presentation nevertheless.

When Personal Attacks Are Personal Attacks

Today’s Beloit Daily News editorial with the sub-title Enough with mean-spirited ideological attacks about the verbal skirmish between John McCain and hack radio talk show host, Bill Cunningham, seemed to use the incident as an example of a wrongful ideological attack. This is the incident where Cunningham referred to Obama as Barack Hussein Obama with the emphasis on Hussein several times. McCain repudiated the host’s juvenile attacks on Obama.

BDN Excerpt:
In this odd political year of 2008, Cunningham joins others in talk radio who have embarrassed themselves by choosing ideological rigidity and harsh mean-spiritedness over reason and civility. Name-calling is the last refuge of small intellects.
Ideological rigidity? Ideological attacks? I beg to differ. What Cunningham proceeded to do was strictly personal.

Candidates must highlight the corrupted principles and ideology of their political opponents because most likely they will not win support by any other means, particularly launching personal attacks. The difference between McCain and Clinton or McCain and Obama is not the color of their skin or their gender or their middle names…or their ages. Their differences are strictly ideological. If you fail to convince the voters that your opponent’s principles and political values are based on flawed ideology, ….chances are….you lose. In fact, why bother running against someone if there are no ideological differences? The only differences that remain then, are discriminatory.

The problem is when presentations demonstrating those ideological differences become so convincing and vividly clear as to sway voters that the targeted opponent has no recourse but to skew their opponent’s legitimate presentations as a “personal attack.” That too is a "foul."

Cunningham’s “HUSSEIN” or his references to Obama as a Chicago Daley-style political hack were not ideological attacks, they were personal attacks, and it's misleading to confuse the two.

Lately, the MSM seems to be on a deliberate mission to soften or disparage legitimate partisan differences between candidates by mislabeling these differences as harmful or politics as usual. The same can be said for ideology. It also is being unfairly defined.

Sunday, March 02, 2008

Rip Rap

Bush discovers his broken economy, blames homeowners and growth

AlterNet Excerpt:
Curry: You don't agree with that? Has nothing do with the economy, the war? The spending on the war?
Bush: I don't think so. I think actually, the spending on the war might help with jobs.
Curry: Oh, yeah?
Bush: Yeah, because we're buying equipment, and people are working. I think this economy is down because we built too many houses."
Bush said spending on the war is good for the economy, jobs, etc. Why is that money any different than the money he wants to put back in our pockets with tax cuts?
GOP Saving Rezko/Obama For Nomination Surprise
John Kass Excerpt:
The Republican Party should be eagerly lining up for this week's federal corruption trial in Chicago of Barack Obama's personal real estate fairy, Tony Rezko, the way a baseball team lines up to smack fat fastballs from a tired pitcher. But the Republicans aren't swinging. They're keeping their bats on their shoulders.
Why is this? Because the GOP fears Hillary Clinton, that's why. They are clearly holding back their smear machine all the while watching HRC take shots from all sides.
Rush Limbaugh acknowledges he is told to go soft on Obama
Chicago Tribune excerpt
“As you probably know, we're getting all kinds of memos from the RNC, saying not to be too critical there. Mark MacKinnon of McCain's campaign says he'll quit if they get critical over Obama… -- Rush Limbaugh
“I think that Michelle Obama is seething over the attacks that the Clintons have made against her husband...

“I think this was Michelle Obama with a womb-to-womb frontal attack on Hillary Clinton, and I think Hillary Clinton is seething. -- Rush Limbaugh, famous bigot, sexist and liar

Local GOP Paper Not Included In "Go Soft" on Obama Memo

This is clearly reflected by our local Janesville Messenger in today’s edition. Here, the hardcore right-wing paper apparently was not included in the RNC talking points memo Limbaugh alludes to, and does a frame-up job to destroy Hillary Clinton with a divisive question and comments from local folks. Then proceeds to rip into Obama in their editorial with a combination of below-the-belt punches. The editorial titled ‘Obama avoids media scrutiny” brings up the Rezko/Obama connection, among others.
JM Editorial Excerpt:
Obama will have to explain his long friendship with a felon, or more precisely, his association with a felon’s money.
That’s easy to wiggle out of. Just follow the script laid out by Rep. Paul Ryan and donate the dirty money to the local Boys and Girls Club. Of course Baracko, if you did nothing wrong, keep it.

But the paper also connected Obama to suspected terrorists, terrorist sympathizers, racists and anti-Semites. Eventually connecting Obama for the deeds of others simply by guilt through association.

Editorial article not available on Web.
O’Reilly Still Careless About Al-Qaeda In Iraq
News Hounds Article

On his Fox “News” show, Bill O’Reilly said Obama should be careful when he says Al-Qaeda was not in Iraq until Bush and company invaded in March of 2003. For proof, he showed a clip of George Tenet saying that Al-Zarqawi "showed up" in Baghdad in May 2002, but failed to point out that Al-Zarqawi was not connected to Al-Qaeda until he publicly swore allegiance to the group in late 2004.
Is Bush Drinking Again?
JG Excerpt:
On one issue particularly worrisome to American consumers, there are indications that paying $4 for a gallon of gasoline is not out of the question once the summer driving season arrives. Asked about that, Bush said “That’s interesting. I hadn’t heard that. ... I know it’s high now.”
How could the President of this here United States, say he hasn’t heard of the possibility of $4 gasoline. He must be drunk. Of course this doesn't surprise anyone, but for the sake of surrendering the benefit of the doubt to him - WHERE HAS HE BEEN?!

Saturday, March 01, 2008

Gazette Politics Purely Partisan

The Janesville Gazette continued on with their Debi Towns campaign kick-off with another one of those make–believe editorials they run on occasion when they feel they have something strong to push their political agenda. For Saturday's editorial, they fabricated a cutesy text message conversation between two students in an effort to pretend opinion page reinforcement and credibility for an earlier front-page pretend news report about school snow make-up days. Once again, the Gazette implies Gov. Doyle vetoed a snow make-up bill for no other reason than politics.
JG Editorial Excerpt:
IC, So Y the veto?
Nikki: It’s political. FYI, Rep. Debi Towns was the bill’s author. She’s w/GOP, he’s a Dem. Signing bill wooda made her look good.
Kids, lets be clear about something. What the Gazette is accusing Doyle of here is not politics…’s partisanship. There is a big difference between the two. The Gazette is falsely accusing Gov. Doyle of something they cannot prove, only imply, yet this editorial (actually the entire newspaper) is solid proof of the partisanship they practice. You won’t learn anything about politics reading the Gazette. Although this is extremely predictable for the Gazette, it’s still a shame they stoop to these levels.

For complete and broader reader coverage on this issue, we can now expect them to tie this into a local school game practice story in the sports section or connect it with a religious theme. After all, since the heavy snowfall can't be traced to Al Gore’s hoax (right-wing view), certainly they must think a higher power had some play in this. The Governor defied God too they will say. How? I don’t know, but they’ll just make stuff up. Trust me.