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Thursday, March 06, 2008

Newspaper Uncovers Dirt On City Council Candidate

One of the top primary vote-getters running for Janesville City Council received the welcome wagon today.

Janesville Council Candidate CONVICTED!! of three misdemeanors.
JG Excerpt:
O’Brien was: -- Convicted of disorderly conduct in 1999 after an incident at the Dart Inn. -- Convicted of disorderly conduct in 1996 after a confrontation with her ex-boyfriend in Traxler Park. -- Convicted of battery in 1994 after a fight with a woman in Beloit.



Anonymous said...

Now, I hope the publicity works in her favor and she gets a ton of empathy votes.

Anonymous said...

There are several different ways a newpaper could present this sort of information if they thought it necessary. Your newspaper (I don't live in Janesville) chose the meanest, lowest class, cold-hearted way. What a shame.

Lou Kaye said...

But how relevant is this information regarding her ability to perform on the city council? Very, very little. This episode about reporting public information once again rings an inconsistent bell with THIS newspaper when they deliberately withheld relevant courtroom testimony about a county candidate’s duty to perform, from their headlines a little more than a year ago. If their excuse now is to “inform,” what was their excuse before?

For somebody (me) trying hard to stay out of forming an opinion about this particular city council election cycle, the Gazette sure has a strange way of creating interest for me.

nailgunner said...

The Gazette itself is the primary source of negativity in this community. Always has been.

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