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Sunday, November 05, 2006

Gazette Endorsements a Good Reason to Vote

……….for somebody else. It’ll all come down to this Tuesday and as expected, the Janesville Gazette endorsement editorials have been running in lockstep with the Republican party. Just consider that the Gazette has chosen a Republican for every major political office except one. From the governor on down they chose corporate connected politicians from the GOP and remained true to their beliefs even when they picked Sheridan, a candidate whose connections with GM and union labor forced them to cross party lines. But besides being political opposites, this selection on their part adds another dimension to the differences most fundamental Americans like myself have with their choices. For one thing the Gazette chose Sheridan for a quality that most voters should reject in their quest to make a “smart choice.”

Sheridans odd mix of corporate politics and government representation poses a serious dichotomy for many, including myself. But I do find some relief knowing that had Sheridan been a Republican, I clearly would not vote for him regardless of his union relationship. The Gazette can’t say the same. The bottom line is they consider Sheridan’s union connection a positive influence on his sworn duty as a public servant. I do not, and that’s the big difference.

Worse yet, they decided to shift gears entirely when it came to the local county offices. Here they dropped their party-line politics completely and went with at least in their view, the candidates education, professionalism and experience. Had they used the same credential criteria and consistency for Governor and legislative offices, they would have chosen Doyle, Robson, Baldwin and Falk hands down. At least the Beloit Daily News, to their credit picked Doyle to lead Wisconsin. But like the Beloit Daily News their choices for the county offices seem driven by the desire to break down both offices to appointed positions. I would admit that the Gazette picking Spoden was a surprise after they had gone out of their way to over-emphasize his relationship to Runaas wrongdoing and misleadership and blast it on their front pages. Their choices at this level also seem designed to make a political statement and prove they are not partisan, endorsing what they perceive as the “smart choices,” or at least that’s what they want their readers to think..

Both newspapers share the same local agenda, but the similarities end there. Eventually they want to empower the county board with the responsibility of county office leadership and take away the right of the people to elect their own public servants.

So the Gazette follows the Republican platform for the governorship and all legislative offices except in the case of the wild-card Sheridan, where they chose corporate connections. At the county level, they pick in their view, educated professionals with experience. Their inconsistencies expose their motivation and make it easy to disagree with nearly all of their choices. Don’t be fooled.

A couple of months ago I thought the idea of publishing a list of endorsements would be the cool thing to do, but I’ve decided against it. People are smart enough to draw their own conclusions based on the information they see and read. I have written my support for several candidates and posted my reasons and democratic beliefs for all visitors to see. Everybody certainly has the right to choose any candidate for any reason they like and that includes newspapers. My objections to our local newspapers have been reaffirmed by their editorials, along with their carefully selected and edited news articles composed and directed to influence public opinion.

This mid-term election is very important and it’s prudent to remain consistent to your political philosophy without selling out to the special interests. Rock County is Democratic and needs to remain true blue for its own common good, this I believe. Don’t let the media or the negative ads compromise your choice’s and don’t allow the Republicans to return Rock County to the “stone age.”


J.J. said...

The last few posts really give a snapshot of politics today. I am saddened to see that all the responses were to the the Kerry gaffe, and about the marriage amendment. It's clear that these stories are on peoples minds instead of the real issues, the war, jobs, and health care.

The Republican machine has clearly drawn attention away from the real stuff. Shows how effective it is, and why people keep voting against their own economic interests.

Lou Kaye said...

When I see mainstream news anchors say stuff like "change will jeopardize our country" or that idiot Chris Matthews say " if the Democrats win it will be bad for our president and global diplomacy" it makes me want to puke. There is just an incredible amount of misinformation and propaganda coming from the right. It looks like our country doesn't have a chance.

Anonymous said...

Where's Melissa Haverly? I thought the election was supose to be close? Well she got her ass kicked by Keach.

Anonymous said...

Melissa is currently MIA. She is currently looking at other counties for employment. They are begging for her services.

Lou Kaye said...

The elections over. I hope Melissa finds a good job, she deserves to earn a living, like everybody else. Nobody should wish otherwise. Will the Gazette hunt her down and grill her new employers about her past. That's the question!

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

I would suggest, to anyone having actual info on Ms.Haverley to contact the ABMDI. They have an ethics review board and a website. They may also want to contact Coroners and M.E. throughout the state as well. I'm sure she has a selective resume with only certain people to contact for references. Tell them to contact the Rock County Sheriff's Dept., the current sheriff and chief deputy to be more precise. Instead of filling Mr.Kaye's blog with anonymous hate, send the information where it will matter most.

Lou Kaye said...

Derogatory comments and name calling are unwarranted. I want keep this forum open to all.

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