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Monday, June 27, 2016

Update Notes: Rock The First

ROCK THE FIRST - A grassroots messaging campaign and strategy recommending that all residents eligible to vote in the First Congressional District of Wisconsin on Tuesday, August 9, 2016 - Vote for Paul Nehlen.


Not partisan county offices. Not partisan local offices. Not state house races. Not anything.

You can skip or vote for candidates in other races if you so choose. But keep in mind, by voting for Nehlen, you can only vote for republican candidates on the ballot. You CANNOT cross over to vote for democrats in other races. If there is any doubt or confusion about other candidates, it is recommended to vote only for Paul Nehlen and leave the rest of ballot untouched.

Also, and this is important especially for new voters to understand will NOT be choosing a new congressman on August 9th by casting a vote for Paul Nehlen. August 9th is a partisan primary election. That means voters pick the one person they want to represent each party on the November general election ballot.

Secondly, don't worry about local offices. There will still be plenty of voters left making a choice in those races and again keep in mind, August 9th is a primary election.

I understand how difficult it could be for many democratic voters to abandon their favorite local candidates in order to Rock The First. But I think those voters need to take a step back and look what's at stake.

Yes, we need competent, honest, knowledgeable, eager people who know how to improvise, update, keep order, administrate and save taxpayers money. But those local offices and county offices mean nothing legislatively to bring reforms and stability necessary for forward progress. Those local offices also hold very little political value, comparatively speaking, to any serious effort that could result in the dismissal of one Paul Ryan.

And the democrats running for state office? Right now they are locked into a deep minority and until Wisconsin voters finally get sick of our corrupt single party ruled corpse-owned statehouses, choosing one democrat over another in the August primary will not make one bit of difference at this point. Sorry to say.

Only the November General Election gives Wisconsin voters the opportunity to change the direction of state government. That's when voters need to step up and throw the bums out.

But removing Paul Ryan from the General Election ballot in November can only be accomplished if Paul Nehlen wins a majority of district voters on August 9th.

There is no other way. We've been here trying to remove Ryan eight times before in the general election and it didn't work.

I strongly believe the down ticket sacrifice Rock The First is asking for from democratic voters is very small, almost non-existent, in the effort to remove the deeply entrenched, ideologically bought and broken Paul Ryan from office. In fact, I think the Republican Party of Wisconsin fears the moment, if it ever arrives, when democratic voters in the first CD realize how ridiculously low the political cost is to carry out Rock The First during this primary election. It's almost zero.

Yes, Ryan's district borders some the strongest GOPe machinery in the country. But to put it plainly, the stars are in alignment folks. August 9th presents a once in a generation opportunity for district voters. You are either willing to make accommodations for it on that one day ...or you aren't. It's not too much to ask.

Lastly, over the past several weeks, Paul Ryan has waffled around his so-called principles and endorsement for Donald Trump enough to even make his most ardent supporters question exactly where he stands. Politically, Ryan has placed himself in no-man's land. His co-opted patchwork base is showing signs of cracking and he has no one to blame but himself.

We can end this nightmare. We can rock the entire GOP universe. So it's in our hands really.

But it won't happen without you.

NOTE: Rock The First is not affiliated with any candidate, political party or special interest. It is not an endorsement. It is simply a citizen grassroots pro-active messaging campaign to inform voters in the First Congressional District of Wisconsin that an alternative, empowering, viable, voting strategy exists on August 9th. IF we're serious about starting the next chapter with a clean slate.


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Monday, June 20, 2016

Brazen Wall Street: Don't You Dare Pick Warren VP

For the thousandth time, this is the effect of money in politics.

But you have to watch Cenk Uygur, host of The Young Turks, lay out Big Wall Street donors for their recent message to Hillary Clinton: Keep Elizabeth Warren off the ticket or risk losing millions of dollars in contributions. In doing so, Wall Street makes a strong case against themselves for the buying and selling of politicians. And get this; one of the many reasons they don't like Elizabeth Warren? She can't be managed.

Watch it:

Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Janesville's "Sweet Spot" Is Corporate Welfare

The Janesville Gazette finally did their second rehashment of a report from more than six months ago originally posted by the Milken Institute. Milken (and the Gazette) made the claim that the city of Janesville is gaining warehousing and distribution facilities because of its notable interstate access and central location (sweet spot) to five major midwestern cities.

For the most part, that is absolutely true.

But as I blog reviewed the earlier story posted by the Gazette, the truth to the matter is Janesville is handing out millions of dollars worth of land (for free), free money, forgivable loans and government insured loans including property tax refunds for ten years or more to the wealthiest corporate players - like nothing ever seen before in this area.

So Janesville's "sweet spot" is not its valuable geographic location or prize workforce. Instead, it is ideologically founded in collectivism and government dependency. It's corporate welfare or corporate socialism, if the label matters.

Because in truth, local governments would be foolish to pay developers or give away land to city hall insiders or Fortune 500 companies to expand or re-locate their business activity inside those valuable sweet spots. Except in Janesville of course.

Instead, land in a veritable sweet spot is usually sought and fought over by multiple buyers in a bidding war sometimes exceeding the actual market value of the land. In fact, some developers bidding for a "sweet spot" actually avoid requesting tax breaks or Tax Increment Financing considerations as a condition to win exclusive rights for the development.

Point is; if they (Forward Janesville, city bureaucrats and the Gazette) really believe we're in this highly prized location, location, location sweet spot they claim we're in, why are they giving it away for free? Their rhetoric doesn't match that reality.

I would like them to prove me wrong, but their actions have already made that impossible.

Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Friday, June 10, 2016

Walker's "Reforms" Flipped State Rankings Between Jobs and CEOs

According to a recent report, Wisconsin trailed all midwest states over the past five years and ranks 36th in the country for job creation. It should be noted however, that Wisconsin ranked 11th among states for private-sector job growth in 2010, Gov. Jim Doyle's last year in office.

So, how did Walker respond to Wisconsin's consistently poor competitive jobs rankings under his leadership?

So there! Lord have mercy ...

But some rankings do matter to Scott Walker. Consider that Wisconsin was ranked 41st among states in 2010 for "business" by CEO's, but is now ranked 11th. And of course, he was very quick to point out that his "reforms" made that happen.

Wisconsin DWD Excerpt:
Madison – Wisconsin continues to climb the rankings of Chief Executive magazine’s annual “Best State for Business” survey of CEOs. This year, CEOs ranked Wisconsin 11th Best State for Business in America. Wisconsin has improved 30 places in this ranking since 2010.

“This is great news for businesses and employees in our state,” Governor Walker said. “Wisconsin continues to improve in this ranking every year – from 41st in 2010 to 11th in 2016. This new ranking is yet another indication our reforms are working and continue to move Wisconsin forward.

Not an exact matching flip in rankings with jobs of course, but close enough to show a complete reversal of fortunes for those affected by his reforms ...and who takes the credit and who got shafted.

So when Walker once Freudian slipped, "it's really not about jobs" in response to his failure to fulfill his 250,000 jobs promise by the end of his first term, this is what he really meant.

Wednesday, June 08, 2016

Paul Ryan's Apologetic Support For Donald Trump Is Indefensible

NY Times Excerpt:
Speaker Paul D. Ryan on Tuesday called Donald J. Trump’s criticism of a federal judge of Hispanic heritage “the textbook definition of a racist comment” and said he “regrets” the remark. But Mr. Ryan also reiterated his support for Mr. Trump, the presumptive Republican presidential nominee.

I would hope while Paul Ryan acknowledged Donald Trump's "textbook racism," that his steadfast support for Trump is not a reflection on the good people in his hometown of Janesville, Wisconsin.

That is NOT who we are.

But a reflection on the GOP? Oh Absolutely.


Tuesday, June 07, 2016