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Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Local Walker Cartel Gear Up To Provide "Cover" For Political Cronies

On the news that state taxpayers can expect huge deficits ballooning in the near future seeded by Gov. Walker's re-election-deferred $700 million shortfall in the next biennial budget, Walker's local business cartel, Forward Janesville, is now preparing to provide "cover" for politicians who are willing to step up and provide intravenous feeding (higher taxes and new tax mechanisms) for their interstate expansion donor club.

At least that's how it's spelled out in this recent editorial by Forward Janesville's media tool, the Janesville Gazette.

JG Editorial Excerpt:
Cunningham is right to suggest repealing gas tax indexing was a terrible mistake. No funding option is perfect, he notes, and Forward Janesville is working on recommendations.

I'll bet they are working on funding "recommendations" day and night.

JG Editorial Excerpt:
“The choices are all lousy,” Cunningham admits. “However, we’ve got to come around to a point of view that sometimes it’s OK to pay for this sort of stuff. One way I’m interested in is giving a little bit of cover to lawmakers who are willing to step up and make some tough choices that maybe are not all that popular.”

But doesn't that mean more and deeper tax cuts and less spending are in order? After all, isn't that what courageous pro-growth "conservative" politicians do? I mean Laffer Curve.

Oh wait, not this time though. Because they need to fund the local Hendricks-JPCullen-Rock-Road-Ryanoligartopus with real hard cash - not unicorn money from Lafferland. Why certainly it's OK to pay for THAT stuff. Why didn't you say so the first time? LOL.

Of course what Cunningham (FJ's VP) means is exactly that. They want new government collectivist tax shifts, hikes and fees to provide for increased revenue to pay for their pet project. Because THIS time it's different. They're looking for real "tough" politicians to ignore the politics and back those revenue increases ...this time.

Because remember, when it is political, Forward Janesville supports Scott Walker and the legislative agenda of the state's republican party. FJ cheered and toasted flutes of champagne to their every move. And, who can forget the higher revenues reportedly coming in and all the recent tax cuts paid for by the state budget "surplus?" So how can there be shortfalls and who needs revenue increases under those circumstances unless ...unless the surplus and increased revenues are just, pardon my french ...all political bullshit for Walker's re-election? Another LOL.

Also, don't forget it was Forward Janesville who earlier needed "tough" lawmakers to snooker taxpayers by defunding local roads and pushing enterprise zone credits, TIF district slush funds and portable tax gimmicks for themselves. They now want lawmakers again to make the "tough" tax hikes on everybody else because this time it's not political's for the oligarchy. It only figures.

And, you know what? There is nobody to stop them. The Big Club seems to always get what they want while the folks are too busy watching Badger sports and pounding down beers and brats. Make no mistake, I'm not trying to pretend some democrats haven't been on Forward Janesville's bandwagon while looking the other way. Because they have.

But Wisconsin is a single-party ruled GOP majority state now, so we should at least make sure that any new taxes, fees or hikes are sponsored and passed with a majority of GOP caucus votes in each state house. Afterall, they own it.


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Monday, April 21, 2014

The Anti-American Thug

A lot of people don’t realize that the war on our government, the concept of government, our Constitution, Post Office, libraries, public utilities and labor unions including the attacks on many of our social and cultural constructs such as public education, marriage and community is not a natural progression of free will, but an active hostility that originates from the mesmerized supporters of a destructive ideology created by the anti-American hypocrite, sociopath and thug: Ayn Rand.

Thursday, April 17, 2014

Want Secession? Get Ready To Pay Your Share Of The National Debt

With all the crazy talk about states seceding from the USA, I wondered how much a state the size of Wisconsin would owe to the federal government for it’s share of the national debt if indeed the state decided to pull out. Even though a secessionist state would no longer be responsible for future U.S. debt, its current and unpaid share of the debt including it's share of Social Security would still be an outstanding liability.

I first looked at some numbers from the U.S. Senate Republican’s Budget Committee where they have a built-in calculator to measure individual’s share of the national debt based upon date of birth and long-term debt projections. According to their calculator, a person born Jan.1, 1955 owes a lifetime (as of today) share of $132,408. Born Jan.1, 1980 owes $428,423 and born in 2000 owes $940,396. With moving targets like that, it obviously could get fairly complicated figuring the exact amount how much the entire state owes.

A recent Harvard Study pegged an individual’s share at $106,000. That number seems realistic, but it includes projected debt of which a seceding state would no longer be subjected to.

The Debt Clock Web page puts the average figure at $55,278 for every man, woman and child in the USA based on the country's current real-time debt. That one makes it easy for this posting.

So it’s pretty simple.
$55,278 X 5.72M population of Wisconsin = $316,762,160,000.

That’s $317 billion. That’s the amount without including interest, Social Security or other outstanding debts and its' equal to about five state budgets. But remember, paying off debt is not the same as funding a state budget.

$317B is also about half the amount needed to pay off Greece’s total debt. But Greece's population is nearly double that of Wisconsin so the debt load per capita would be practically identical.

Think about that one. Wisconsin's debt would be equal to Greece's and with no chance of growing ourselves out of the debt. Wisconsin would go bankrupt to pay it's bill.

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Is Scott Walker Running Scared From The Party's Secession Position?

JS online Excerpt:
To secede or not to secede.

That will be the question for Wisconsin Republicans at next month's convention.

Earlier this month, the party's Resolutions Committee voted in favor of a proposal that says the state party "supports legislation that upholds Wisconsin's right, under extreme circumstances, to secede."

This is where extremist Governor Scott Walker proves his mettle with the Tea Party. But so far, it looks like he's running scared.

Gov. Scott Walker, the leader of the state party, distanced himself from the resolution last week.

"I don't think that one aligns with where most Republican officials are in the state of Wisconsin — certainly not with me," Walker said at a press event on Friday.

Less than four years ago, Scott Walker boasted that he was the original Tea Party in Wisconsin. He was swept into power on the shoulders of the radical tea party craze in 2010 and even wrote a farcical book titled "Unintimidated," about how he courageously stood up against "union bosses," a favorite tea party target. But now Walker is refusing to align himself with one of the Tea Party's top issues - state sovereignty and the right of secession? That's odd.

Yeah I know it's a big election year and Walker is also laying the groundwork for a possible presidential run in 2016, but Walker has built himself up a tea party facade of standing against D.C., Big Government and against some imaginary political machine. In the eyes of the confederate base of the Tea Party, seceding from the United States Of America is the last and final resolution to everything that defines them and their cause.

Also, if there's one issue that helps draw a clear contrast between Tea Party candidates and non-tea party candidates other than the TP's phony fiscal crisis of convenience - secession rights is it! Literally, they are indescribable and lost without it.

Despite that, my hunch ...and it's only a hunch, is the Wisconsin Republican Party will NOT add the revised secession resolution to their official platform during their state convention. Even if my hunch is correct, it still doesn't absolve anyone of their stated position on the issue.

So, why is Walker running away from it? Perhaps drawing that contrast is precisely what Walker doesn't want to do with a affable challenger like Mary Burke. That wouldn't be surprising. On top of backing away from the tea party on the secession issue, he won't commit to anything on fracking or the Kenosha casino either. Yet his party stooges demand that Burke holds full tilt press conferences on all her plans and positions.

So what's going on here? I mean, Walker is Mister Unintimidated and all that jazz. Right? Or he's just another indecisive political hack in a long line of indecisive political hacks. It's one or the other.


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Friday, April 11, 2014

Master of Dependency And Deception Only a Matter of Degrees

This is pretty typical of Gov. Scott Walker.

There have been recent reports that Walker is considering the UW's new Flexible Option program for his own path to a college degree. As it goes, Walker himself was a supporter of the new government funded UW program. It received $2 million for start-up costs from the state government.

But, it does seem a little strange in this case that it happens to be Scott Walker, mister pull-yourself-up-by-your-own-bootstraps "we measure true compassion by helping people no longer require the assistance of the government," who is turning to a government program himself to access the system for acquiring a college degree.

For Walker, it appears there was no other way before and so it is 24 years after quitting college and the timely creation of a new government program that he is only now considering an advanced degree.

And why not? Because I think anyone, including Gov. Walker, getting government help to finish their college education 10, 20 or 30 years later great news. It reminds me of the fictional story, The life Of Julia." I say go for it.

But, it doesn't end there for Scott Walker. The Flex Option program it turns out, is geared to college degrees in fields for jobs available today and those expected in the years to come. That is a problem for the governor.

Chippewa.Com Excerpt:
Walker, who is widely considered to be a 2016 Republican presidential contender, didn’t give a timeline for working toward his degree or offer a specific major he hopes to pursue, saying it would likely be related to one of the areas he previously studied, such as political science.

“Right now, the flex option as we currently have it is really focused on the key industries: engineering, some related to health care, and others out there. As it expands, I’d certainly be interested in doing it,” Walker said. “Right now, it doesn’t have the areas I’ve specifically studied.”

Apparently, Walker hasn't been paying much attention to his own workforce development program. It's no longer about earning a degree in the pursuit of your own happiness. It's about getting training and earning degrees for a guaranteed placement into somebody else's idea of happiness - the state's workforce. Obviously, earning a degree for the purpose of entering the state's private sector workforce isn't one of Scott Walker's top priorities. And ...

Chippewa.Com Excerpt:
He said pursuing a degree wouldn’t be about meeting any requirements — such as being governor -

So, it's not about earning a degree to update his skill set for his current job either.

Obviously, there's a different reason for his "special" degree and get this ...he's going to wait out for the program to expand to cover his degree in a field that, according to the state's current workforce expectations, is not in demand and not part of the program.

Finally, Walker said pursuing a degree, "would be ultimately to send a message encouraging others. I think it’s a good thing to encourage others to do."

But which part? The one about pursuing a college degree to satisfy the state's happiness or encouraging others to wait out and depend on government expansions, policies and programs - to pursue your own?

Wednesday, April 09, 2014

Reminder: Janesville Forum ‘Voter Suppression in Wisconsin’

Voter Suppression in Wisconsin’

Analiese Eicher, Program and Development Manager of One Wisconsin Now (see more below).

Rep. Debra Kolste, 44th Assembly District

Wednesday, April 9
6 PM-6:30 PM cheese & cracker reception (nonalcoholic potluck)
6:30 PM- 7:45 PM, speakers & discussion

**Basics Food Cooperative
1711 Lodge Dr.
Janesville, Wisconsin

(**This is an independent event not affiliated with Basics)

Analiese Eicher is the Program and Development Manager at partner organizations One Wisconsin Now and One Wisconsin Institute where she primarily works on two programs: fighting the trillion dollar student loan debt crisis; and protecting the right to vote. Ms. Eicher is a nationally recognized expert on voter suppression efforts in Wisconsin and is involved in first of its kind research and groundbreaking polling on the issue of student loan debt and its effects on Wisconsin and the nation's economy.’

Ms. Eicher lives in Sun Prairie and is a Janesville native.

Directions: from Madison route 90 until 1st Janesville exit, south on Route 26 past route 14, look for Toys R Us on the right, right on Lodge Drive, on right across from Toys R Us.

The Community Room is to the left when you come in.

RockCountyProgressives. org, also on Facebook

Tuesday, April 08, 2014

Video: Elizabeth Warren Has a Few Words For Paul Ryan and Wall Street

Wow. Elizabeth Warren has got it all together. No need to rehash her remarks. Just watch it:

Monday, April 07, 2014

Today's the Last Day To Vote In March Badness

Sorry for the late notice but this is the last chance to vote before ProgressNow crowns the new champion on Tuesday. Gov. Scott Walker has reached the final round so he will at the minimum finish second. Go to this link and vote for him.

Let's help Scott Walker win this tournament!!