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Monday, July 16, 2018

Red Wisconsin Counties Elect Dark Store Enablers, Then Beg Them To Stop

More and more it's becoming obvious that voters today do not match the issues that matter to them to the candidates running for election, but instead stick rigidly to ideological concepts or settle for identity politics.

Red State Walworth County is a case in point. Recently, the Walworth County Board unanimously passed an advisory referendum on the tax shifting “Dark Store” theory. Almost acknowledging they are stuck with their gerrymandered office holders, the Lake Geneva story falls just short of begging them to do something.

Lake Geneva News Excerpt:
Lake Geneva residents have carefully selected their own representatives to go to Madison and take care of this community’s needs in state government.

But now that those representatives are ignoring an important issue, voters are headed back to the polls in November. Not to elect new representatives, but rather to send a message with a public referendum on that very same important issue.

Unfortunately for Walworth County and others, Republicans aren't just ignoring Dark Store lawsuits filed by their business-class donors, they are enabling them.

In fact, if they retain majorities after November, they will see their re-election as a mandate to pass legislation making the lawsuits totally unnecessary by making Dark Store assessments of retail property the law of the land. And, what are you going to do if they ignore your advice? Throw them out of office? Oh please.

Wisconsin is open for business! Remember?

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Jake formerly of the LP said...

Well stated. And Dems should be shouting about WisGOP'S refusal to act on dark stores continually for the next 3 1/2 months.

Make them answer the question, because I bet the GOPs can't without making fools of themselves.

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