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Friday, April 06, 2018

Twitter Suspends Rock Netroots Account. For Nothing.

With absolutely no reason given, no communication or emails, Twitter has suspended my @loukaye account. And believe it or not, the troll accounts trying to impersonate me are left to freely stay in business. Social justice in America. Gotta' love it!

Anyone who followed me or read my tweets know that there wasn't anything "suspicious" or malicious about the content so I'm completely miffed by it except to say that somebody powerful apparently did not like my message. I do want to thank my 715 followers for sticking with me before Twitter decided to censor the account.

I'm now working on two new accounts, one to promote Janesville-centered issues and another for the blog. I suspect neither will last long since I'm under attack by unknown forces. Wish me luck.

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