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Saturday, April 21, 2018

Free Market Group Unglued Over Walker's Misguided Policies, Bad Economics

A pay-to-stay incentives proposal for consumer goods giant Kimberly-Clark remains in play and, consequently, so does the possibility that lawmakers will be called back in for a special session, @GovWalker said Wednesday. #wiright…

As explained in a previous post by Rock Netroots and contrary at the time to mainstream narration, a Foxconn-like free money deal written by Gov. Walker and state republicans remains on the table for Kimberly-Clark and any other big corporate interests in Wisconsin looking for a long-term government hand-out.

That blog perspective was in response to a Janesville Gazette editorial and a recent press release by the right-wing group MacIver Institute. The group was quick to give credit to senate republicans for the death of the “pay-to-stay” proposal and called it a victory for free market principles.

But now, faced with the realization the deal was never pulled off the table, MacIver partisan tools look for a new bogey man, unions, to blame just in case republican efforts, whatever they are, fail or succeed.

Because if republicans fail, according to MacIver, it's the union's fault. If republicans succeed, unions shouldn't credit democrats.

Because MacIver has political fires that need stoking ...

MacIver Excerpt:
The Steelworkers, which has dumped millions of dollars into Democratic Party candidates and liberal causes, seemed to be more interested in stoking the fires of political discord, dismissing the fact that it has been Walker and legislative Republicans who have led the incentives effort.

MacIver wants to make sure the public knows that it is state republicans, not democrats, who are leading the incentives effort for Kimberly-Clark, an effort just three weeks ago they called misguided policy, bad economics and a troubling precedent.

I couldn't make this stuff up no matter how hard I try.

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