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Wednesday, March 07, 2018

Pollutenbeck, State Republicans Requested Shutdown Of Air Monitoring Station Ahead of Foxconn "Evaporation"

According to a recent article from the Chicago Tribune...

Tribune Excerpt:
Of the 7 million gallons of water withdrawn daily for Foxconn, 4.3 million gallons would be treated and returned to the lake and the rest would be lost, mostly from evaporation in the company’s cooling system, according to the application sent to Wisconsin officials.

"Cooling system." Rrrright.

But first, priorities!!

Madison Excerpt:
The state Assembly has passed a bill that asks the federal Environmental Protection Agency to exclude a monitoring site in a Sheboygan County state park from a statewide air-monitoring plan.

The bill passed on a party-line vote Thursday. It now heads to the desk of Gov. Scott Walker, having passed the state Senate Tuesday.

Now you might be thinking that since the proposed government-greased Foxconn manufacturing facility will sit about 70 miles south of Sheboygan, that the plant would have little effect on the data collected by the station. Think again.

Republicans argued in support of the shutdown because most of the air pollutants it detects come from out of state, particularly south, from Chicago and Gary, Ind. That means the station has collected enough historical data AND is in the best possible location to compare with any future data it would collect in the soon-to-be foxconn era. That makes the shutdown an emergency. It's THAT data they want shut down and kept hidden from public viewing.

It was a party-line vote. Blame those rotten hyper-partisan democrats!


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